[Optic] $500.65 EXPS 2-0, $463.25 XPS 2-0 with code OPTICS15 and much more in comments on new store launch

[Optic] $500.65 EXPS 2-0, $463.25 XPS 2-0 with code OPTICS15 and much more in comments on new store launch


[Optic] $500.65 EXPS 2-0, $463.25 XPS 2-0 with code OPTICS15 and much more in comments on new store launch

16 reviews for [Optic] $500.65 EXPS 2-0, $463.25 XPS 2-0 with code OPTICS15 and much more in comments on new store launch

  1. MilitiaArmory

    Hello All!

    A new dealer has arrived! We are a new gun/accessory online shop made up of a husband and wife duo. We have lurked on the gundeals subreddit for a long time partaking in deals and in 2020 finally decided to turn our passion for firearms into our careers. After a year or so of prep, we are finally live and ready to join the /r/gundeals community. We were inspired by those before us who have done similar and felt the need for younger generations such as ourselves to start inheriting this industry, in hopes to modernize it and keep it alive.

    So, with that said, to kick things off right, we have discount codes available at launch that cover just about every product. Here is a nice comprehensive list for anyone looking for the *deepest* discounts at Militia Armory:

    * **Lumos** for 20% off lights
    * **Optics15** for an undisclosed amount off all red dots and holographics in stock
    * **Holo20** for another mystery amount off all Holosun products
    * **Clipazine** for 10% off magazines
    * …and last but not least **FoundingDaddies** for a discount off everything else on the store that isn’t covered above and isn’t a firearm

    Feel free to stop by the site and take the codes for a spin on different categories.

    We also have just about all of our firearms listed at Minimum Advertised Price, including Glocks.

    Some other notable deals we got goin are:

    * Holosun 509Ts on sale for **$309.99** shipped
    * Streamlight TLR-1 HL for **$134.99** shipped (Black and FDE)
    * Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount HL-X **$109.99** shipped

    Lastly, all orders over $100 ship free and no tax outside AZ (sorry AZ peeps)!

    We also will be running our very own subreddit that you can drop by to check on product updates and future discounts/sales as we continue to grow our catalogue and inventory. You can find us at /r/MilitiaArmoryOnlyFans.

    **EDIT**: We really appreciate the love so far from r/gundeals, just to clarify for some questions I got, you CAN use more than one coupon code in a cart, such as **OPTICS15** and **FoundingDaddies** that will apply to the relevant items in cart (not stacking unfortunately). For example, say you have a T-2 and a mount for it in the cart.. use both for a pretty sweet price..

  2. jl56288

    I need a Tan EXPS2 šŸ„ŗ

  3. NotoriousDVA

    $703 shipped for a compm5… less than I paid for mine

  4. cakan4444

    Gdm assign dealer

  5. bigd081285

    Good luck and welcome to the community brother

  6. MilitiaArmory

    The EXPS 2-0 is out of stock (you guys are more aggressive than I thought), still got more XPS 2-0 as well as tons of other stuff such optic mounts that play with the FoundingDaddies code!

  7. ha3097

    Oos for exps2-0 already

  8. rollpi

    Good deal

  9. PhazeDelta1

    I need this in tan. Fml

  10. notorious_hdc

    Wow some awesome deals!

  11. kvd171

    In for an XPS2, thanks!

    Edit: $463 shipped and already got a tracking number!

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  13. windzor351

    Is all your inventory live? You have a BCG category but nothing in it yet?

  14. 92847

    Does your company ship outside the continental US? Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii?

  15. 15DiggityDoodles

    Just saying Iā€™m definitely looking for a good deal on a Exps 3-0 in tan and would love to buy one from a new gun deals vendor šŸ‘€šŸ‘€šŸ‘€

  16. nhadavi

    amn OOS

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