[NFA] YHM Turbo T2 5.56 In Stock @ SilencerShop $449.00

[NFA] YHM Turbo T2 5.56 In Stock @ SilencerShop $449.00


[NFA] YHM Turbo T2 5.56 In Stock @ SilencerShop $449.00

14 reviews for [NFA] YHM Turbo T2 5.56 In Stock @ SilencerShop $449.00

  1. HipHopAnonymous94

    I wish I could chime in about how great these are, but my sig 516 upper still sits naked as today marks 300 days since my check was cashed.

    Soon I hope…

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    Is silencershop’s waitlist on a first come first serve? I never get the emails

  3. GrandCowboy

    T2 versus K?

  4. cellularresp

    I got a problem.
    Since they announced e-file form 4 I just bought a Resonator K, Turbo K and a Socom Mini II.
    I do not expect these to be anywhere near as quiet as my Nomad-L but I think Ill appreciate the minimal length.

  5. prmoore11

    I only wish she was less gassy.

  6. Outlawdreamer

    After Buying mine, at least a minimum of 400 in stock, but less than 425.

  7. Oldfatsad

    I have one. Fantastic can. Light too. Sits on my 10.3.

  8. cdillon42

    This or another r2?

  9. MasterPPregnancyTips

    daddy pls gibe r9 thx

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  11. midnightmk4

    I’m so stuck between this and the k. I hear the k has less bsck pressure but this is more quiet and only weighs an ounce more. Only one more inch too.

  12. Tcheeks38

    Is my Griffin paladin 300 worth $400 more than this? It is user serviceable, rated for belt fed, and 14.5 oz at a length of 7.6″ and taper mount is nice. Any thoughts? Wondering if I should have buyers remorse.

  13. midnightmk4

    In for one. Spent a lot of time thinking about either this or the K and decided on this

  14. liltoe89

    Lanbos has these for like $389 or so…

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