[NFA] YHM Turbo K IN-STOCK $425 – Free Shipping

[NFA] YHM Turbo K IN-STOCK $425 – Free Shipping


[NFA] YHM Turbo K IN-STOCK $425 – Free Shipping

12 reviews for [NFA] YHM Turbo K IN-STOCK $425 – Free Shipping

  1. Excellent-Event-387

    Good thing I snagged one last time in stock at $375.

  2. Fozman2

    Hasn’t been in stock on SS for at least a few weeks that I’ve been signed up for in-stock notifs.

  3. thechosengalaxy

    https://familyfirearms.com/product/turbo-k-5.56-12-28-fh-slncr $335 here and just find a SS FFL that will do the transfer for $50

  4. djididjddnjdjd

    But where’s the r9

  5. Killjoy1550

    Anyone put the new deadair Xeno system on this? I have keymo muzzle devices on all my rifles but was curious if it would be more beneficial to swap over to Xeno or just throw a keymo Adaptor on it

  6. clb1016

    Is this a good can for someone who has never owned any suppressor, has never done anything NFA, but owns a decent 16″ midlength AR?

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  8. timp0n

    I’ve been waiting for this to come back in stock but now I’m not sure if it’s a wise decision since I’m done with school in the spring and may not even be in the same state anymore

  9. Step8_freedom

    Nice. finally decided to pick one of these up…while I still wait for the other cans that I already purchased lol.

  10. Outlawdreamer

    As much as I want this and should pull the trigger on. I’m going to go with the Cgs Helios Ti as my first, thanks for the responses guys. Helped me to make an informed decision.

  11. tamagacho

    Bauer precision has it for $410

  12. WhoIsThis11095

    What is the point of getting a suppressor for 5.56? Is the added weight worth the benefit and cost?

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