[NFA] YHM Resonator K $400 + $15 s&h

[NFA] YHM Resonator K $400 + $15 s&h


[NFA] YHM Resonator K $400 + $15 s&h

10 reviews for [NFA] YHM Resonator K $400 + $15 s&h

  1. Mlh504

    Damn so tempting right now if my damn house wasn’t damaged from the hurricane I’d be all over this

  2. cvrtsniper

    Cheapest place I’ve seen have.the resonator k in stock. I put mine on layaway.

  3. Rough-Potato8399

    anyone have any experiences with these? How is the bullet fart?

  4. bobsburner1

    Great price. But you have to figure out what your receiving ffls fees are first. It might make more sense to pay 499 through ss.

  5. chrisdetrin

    380.99 on gunzonedeals

  6. BigBeardRodriguez

    So would this be a good starter suppressor? It would go on a Wylie 556/223 barrel, and does it come with a threaded muzzle? Sorry I’m new to this whole suppressor game, and I want in at this price

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  8. X761

    F it grabbed one.

  9. DiscombobulatedDunce

    These guys are my LGS, buy with confidence!

  10. Luke_Demeo

    Would this work on a zpap m70?

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