[NFA] YHM R9 Suppressor in stock at Lanbo’s – $297 in cart

[NFA] YHM R9 Suppressor in stock at Lanbo’s – $297 in cart


[NFA] YHM R9 Suppressor in stock at Lanbo’s – $297 in cart

22 reviews for [NFA] YHM R9 Suppressor in stock at Lanbo’s – $297 in cart

  1. Bustle2190

    That’s a excellent price

  2. sig_pistols

    Have at it fellas! Looks like it’s a warehouse item though, so what’s in stock might not be true to inventory. Not sure if Lanbo’s does backorders either. Looks like a bunch of other stores has em in stock too, not as great a price, but in stock nonetheless https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/yhm-2155-28

  3. Senno_Ecto_Gammat

    Dang dude.

  4. Ordinary-Machine1451

    This or a Sig SRD9 for PCC?

  5. FrankKastle76


  6. PNWHippieFlip

    Welp I bought three suppressors so far today between this deal and Hanson brothers. Time to get off gun deals

  7. DevAlmighty

    What exactly is the meaning of “0 Units in Stock” and “49 Units Available at Warehouse” ? Does it just take longer to ship from the warehouse?

  8. combat_machine

    This or rex 358 for my first can? Primarily for a Ghm9 pcc with occasional use on 223/556 untill I can another dedicated cam for it.

  9. thechosengalaxy

    Ugh. Paid 630 for a wolfman a few days ago would’ve jumped on this

  10. Enterprise5

    I’ve always had great experiences buying from Lanbo’s whether the item is in-stock or from a warehouse. In the past they’ve also responded in a reasonable time to inquiries when I’ve needed a bit more info before purchasing.

  11. waynestylzz

    Either this or an LMT lower 🤔

  12. 03slampig

    $297? R9 simply cant be beat at that price.

  13. tgrimm937

    How would I go about purchasing a stamp for this? With silencershop you just add it to cart

  14. killadocg23

    Lanbos is 100% good to go there are near the Houston area but there warehouse is in DFW I believe. Bought several stuff fro
    Them and had them literally next day or two buy with confidence.

    If I didn’t buy a Rex can two weeks ago. I would have bought this to add another R9 to the one I already have wow !

  15. Echotek

    Anyone see the transfer fee?

  16. Hurricaneshand

    I’m so glad I got to this late

  17. Mustachefleas

    Does anyone know if this does well on 5.56 and 7.62? I would like a versatile suppressor for my first one

  18. PenileTourniquet

    Why has there been so many can deals lately? Is something about to happen that I’m not caught up on?

  19. tgrimm937

    Oos, but quick question. I called my ffl and they said that they would be unable to input this into their silencershop kiosk so I would have to file separately. Does that mean that I would have to submit my prints and photo again for a separate form 4?

  20. djevikkshar


  21. noopenusernames

    I’m never going to be able to get one of these…

  22. wisockamonster

    Oooohhhh fuuuuuuccckkk

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