[NFA] YHM R9 suppressor in stock at Hansohn Brothers – $365

[NFA] YHM R9 suppressor in stock at Hansohn Brothers – $365


[NFA] YHM R9 suppressor in stock at Hansohn Brothers – $365

16 reviews for [NFA] YHM R9 suppressor in stock at Hansohn Brothers – $365

  1. ha3097

    Use code “Thanks”

  2. Boomerfudd1337

    Hansohn Brothers is an A+++ seller, buy with confidence! My grandson ordered a suppressor from them and it was shipped fast and at a good price!

  3. dsg85gt

    Damn I wish we could buy suppressors without paying the government $200 to say it’s ok I want this but not sure I’m ready to get in the nfa game plus once I get one I probably won’t be able to stop lol

  4. KGNickl

    I’m wondering how the R9 compares to the YHM Resonator K? I want something short for 300 AAC but it would be nice to do 9mm. If for subsonic 300 AAC they are fairly close I’ll likely go R9 but if Resonator K is way better at sub 300aac I’ll likely go that route instead and put 9mm on my future wish list. Have not found any 300 aac comparisons for these two so far.

  5. guacamoleburger

    +1 for Hansohn Brothers. They’ve been nothing but helpful with my can when there was a holdup.

  6. jdawwwhg

    Sorry for the noon questions here, but just want to have a quick understanding (still doing research)…

    I got a gun trust for NFA items but haven’t purchased any. Was going to get a can from silencerco using one of their kioks. Now if I end up getting this one (or a another one from a different online retailer), will they ship immediately to my FFL of choice? Then does my FFL hold on to it until all my paperwork goes through? Not sure if I’m understanding the process.

    Thanks for any info

  7. SixGunCold

    Bagged mine. Been waiting since like Dec for these at HB.

  8. That_Baker_Guy

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for a suppressor and my lgs uses the SS kiosks.

    In order to use the kiosk do I have to purchase through SS?

  9. tubadude2

    In for one. I hate that my usual shop can’t get one for me, but these guys seem to be pretty active around here, so supporting them is great, too.

    I’m really excited to get one of these to live on my Mac 11.

  10. SetYourGoals

    Would this be good for my first can? Looking to use on my CZ Scorp. ~~Or should I wait for a good deal on a 5.56 one that I can throw on my AR too?~~

    Edit: I’m not bright

  11. A_Melee_Ensued

    What do you do with a welded together suppressor if you want to shoot it wet? Won’t it eventually fill up with greasy crap if you can’t clean it?


    snagged, thanks

  13. Guac_guzzler

    Can i use SilencerShop to file for this?

  14. hewhoovercomes

    In for one. I’ve bought all my cans from this company. Zero complaints

  15. WIFirearmsTransfers

    We have these for $324 plus shipping, no sales tax outside of Wisconsin. https://www.wistransfers.com/product/yankee-hill-machine-resonator-r9/

  16. corruptbytes

    wish i could buy suppressors but moving in a few weeks and i think i have to wait until i’m at the new address 😭

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