[NFA] YHM R9 in stock $355

[NFA] YHM R9 in stock $355


[NFA] YHM R9 in stock $355

9 reviews for [NFA] YHM R9 in stock $355

  1. Masterbush369

    Local dealer. GTG. Shows 18 in stock but it’s really 17 I just purchased one minutes ago in person

  2. Chewy954



    It’s cheaper at Lanbo.




    $305 when added to cart!

  3. laid-back-reef-guy

    Yeah, this is a good deal if you’re interested in this can at all

  4. paperkeyboard

    Isn’t it currently cheaper at Lanbo’s? It’s like 305 there right now.

  5. patriots1911

    What stinks is I purchased from them a few weeks ago when they had 19 in stock and mine was $395. But SS had just sold out in minutes a few days earlier so I went ahead and paid the $40 extra instead of messing around with having one shipped and then paying local transfer fees.

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  7. FabulaJones

    Can you use a tri-lug mount on this? Is the cap swappable?

  8. hldeathmatch

    Would this work well on an AK if you got a thread adapter?

  9. [deleted]


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