[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo T2 5.56mm Suppressor $300 Shipped with code STAYSINVEGAS

[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo T2 5.56mm Suppressor $300 Shipped with code STAYSINVEGAS


[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo T2 5.56mm Suppressor $300 Shipped with code STAYSINVEGAS

29 reviews for [NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo T2 5.56mm Suppressor $300 Shipped with code STAYSINVEGAS

  1. TheRenownWolf

    Don’t ask, just BIN. As a yhm dealer I can tell you this is absurdly cheap.

  2. paperkeyboard

    Oh hot damn. That’s BIN. Got mine in May 2021 from Hansohn Brothers for 365. Then YHM increased the price on all their suppressors by about 10% a few months ago.

    Great suppressor, great deal.

  3. MyFishIsGold

    Welp, there goes $575 I wasnt planning on spending today. Atleast it will go well with my Turbo K that just got out of jail.

  4. SnaKiZe

    Good thing it’s OOS. I would have ordered 😂

  5. rick4787

    Help a guy out. New to NFA stuff…
    #1; Can I make this purchase and then AFTER, create an eform account and contact my FFL?

    #2; Does this include everything needed to make this a QD suppressor?

    #3 Does this actually make it worth suppressing 5.56 on a 16″ barrel?

    #4 Anything else I should know?

  6. Username_was_here

    Damn that’s a cheap suppressor

  7. ryanp5413

    I have a turbo k, great value. This is even better deal. YHM is gtg

  8. insanegsus

    This is why I can’t attend meetings at work… I MISS OUT ON THE GOOD STUFF

  9. Psychological-Drive4

    This is a BIN if I had ever seen one.

  10. UnsurprisingDebris

    Such a killer deal

  11. uhkayus

    I’ve never bought from anyone outside of silencershop? How does the process work?

  12. KrustyBoomer

    We need to get old suppressors on C&R FFLs.

  13. bsoup228

    Wow, amazing price

  14. driver461

    And there goes $500 I wasn’t going to spend! u/mapguns is a menace


    Have the Turbo K and love it. In for this and I’ll throw a Kurz adapter on it if it’s “too long”. Thanks!

    edit: u/mapguns on my order I don’t know if my phone number is listed for my FFL to contact me. I might have filled it in and not realized but can you confirm or add that to my order comments if I send you a DM?

  16. all_the_right_moves

    I bought a T2 in late 2020 and got it last summer, and I fucking love it. It’s a phenomenal first can because it’s straightforward and gives you the experience of big quiet, and on an AR, big gas blowback. So I get to experiment with different options that reduce gas and see what works, great learning opportunity. For non-DI 5.56 guns it’s a no-brainer.

  17. thejohnfist

    The regret of missing this deal is too damn high.

  18. DefendWaifuWithRaifu

    I really do not want to use their muzzle device. Can these accommodate any other systems?

  19. KrustyBoomer

    OOS already? Tried to checkout (but without FFL selected yet)

  20. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    I’m still waiting on my resonator. If this was the K I’d instantly buy it 🙁

  21. cdillon42

    Wow really debating on getting this and testing out the efile

  22. gunewb70

    I love my YHM T2. Great value

  23. twowords_number

    Damn it, I would have bought one of these

  24. Clarity42

    This being OOS has immediately ruined my day and brought on some serious depression

  25. bewsii

    Shiiit, I’ve been on the hunt for a T2 and at that price it’s a no brainer. Damn work cutting into my shopping time.

  26. Gh011

    Thank god this is OOS. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy my first NFA item and a $300 price tag on a turbo K would definitely be a viable excuse no doubt

  27. asianmaddmess

    Any thoughts on regular vs K can?

    I’m afraid my 14.5 is gonna be too long and heavy if I slap a full size suppressor on there lol

  28. Zephyr4813

    I just bought the Turbo K from SilencerShop for $430 or so.

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