[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo K $375 free shipping with code SHIPPINGKILLSTHEDEAL

[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo K $375 free shipping with code SHIPPINGKILLSTHEDEAL


[NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo K $375 free shipping with code SHIPPINGKILLSTHEDEAL

25 reviews for [NFA] Yankee Hill YHM Turbo K $375 free shipping with code SHIPPINGKILLSTHEDEAL

  1. UgliestCookie

    Man. If I’d bought back when I was saying 10 months was too long to wait I’d be like 3 whisper pickles deep right now. I guess the second best time to plant a tree is today.

  2. mapguns

    Hello Gundeals,

    Derek back with MAP Guns with another great YHM deal. The Turbo Ks are only $375 shipped. We also have [YHM R9](https://www.mapguns.com/products/yankee-hill-841812101598-yhm-2155-28-4389) for $340 shipped, and others from Q, GSL and Sig. All cans ship as soon as the form 3 clears, which usually take 1-2 weeks depending on your dealer and the ATF. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

  3. HumanTardigrade

    If you’ve ever backed out of a deal when you saw the shipping go ahead and hit that like and subscribe. The comments section is out of control.

  4. hittawitdamule

    Well damn saw a 346 number and I don’t have to pay a transfer fee now. Can I pay in store?

  5. tgrimm937

    My ffl’s $100 transfer fee is booty..

  6. MisterMasterCylinder

    I have this silencer and IMO it’s just about perfect for AR use. 5.56 is never going to be “quiet”, but this does a good job of taming the noise and muzzle blast down to a level that won’t immediately deafen/blind you if you had to use it in an HD scenario, without adding too much extra weight and length.

  7. Kph421

    MAPGUNS coupon codes > EVERYONE

  8. doctorofsend

    Do I send it? Or save my money for the CGS Helios Ti when it comes out.

  9. Ded_man_3112

    Had to go for the YHM R9, thanks!

  10. italianrelic

    Turbo k is a badass little can have it on my 10.5 pistol ar love it!

  11. commyzthatdont

    I’m moving to Nevada on Friday, but already changed my billing and shipping. Can I pay for this now and choose an FFL, and then deal with everything else afterwards?

  12. kevshin21

    This is the suppressor I want. Currently doing a nfa gun trust right now. Can I buy this while I’m processing my gun trust?

  13. YouWannaChiliDogNARD

    Actually just bought one of these – can’t wait to take it home in 9 months

  14. Artiemas

    Building my first AR. Should be done in about a month. Should I just get a silencer and shoot with it immediately, and never know what it’s like otherwise?

  15. coahnarlson

    Just bought my first suppressor!

  16. DeadshotIsHere

    I realize it’s OOS now. But I don’t own a can, and don’t know shit about them otherwise but have been wanting to look into it. Is this a good first can? Going on a 16” 5.56. I’m also a broke boi so this is about right for price for me.

  17. Excellent-Event-387

    How do I buy these from any place besides silencershop? Tried rainier arms and Bauer and have not had any success outside of silencer shop…

  18. ALswampfox

    When I do break down and spend it, I think this is the suppressor I will spend my money on.

  19. Dirty_eel

    I need a 30 cal 🙁

  20. NutsOnYourNoggin

    Anyone know how these compare to the Socom? Would be cool to save about a thousand dollars.

  21. YooserNahme

    I went with the Turbo K T2 for the added decibel suppression for only an inch more (which can be later deleted with a shorter brake)

  22. robbinh00d

    Does anyone know if I can use this with 9MM ammo?


    YHM Mini Phantom QD Muzzle Brake 1/2-28

  23. Mrbeercan

    Careful with the mounts on these, I had two out of spec brakes that wouldn’t mount the can.

  24. naytreee

  25. Goodolgator

    Fuck the NFA

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