[NFA] Suppressor sale and trade ins, Nomad-30 for $500

[NFA] Suppressor sale and trade ins, Nomad-30 for $500


[NFA] Suppressor sale and trade ins, Nomad-30 for $500

17 reviews for [NFA] Suppressor sale and trade ins, Nomad-30 for $500

  1. NotoriousDVA

    Nice deals. Some used cans that cost even less than the tax stamp. Website is the epitome of cancerous modern web design though. Only 12 items per page and no filters? Gimme Lanbos antiquated inventory any day.

  2. MailOrderArmageddon

    Beware Triarc CS sucks.

    Make sure your order is processed properly and you don’t lose out on what you want. Follow up in a few days to verify. Hopefully y’all avoid the pain I went through.

  3. Joxroxagain

    Sort by latest and they are at the top

  4. thatshiftyshadow

    In for nomad and ghost 45

  5. panda1876

    Saker ASR will haunt my dreams. Congrats to whoever snagged it

  6. Bobathaar

    some of the stuff is a great deal… others…. are cheaper new elsewhere even when not on sale than they are used or garage sale here…

    Kinda makes me pause and internet check pricing on stuff I’m halfway interested in… which in turn makes them oos when I figure out that they’re actually good deals.

  7. CyborgPangolin

    some of it’s a ripoff. Osprey micro esp, those are like 250 new everywhere.

  8. Madhatt623

    Question I’ve never had an nfa item before would I have to get a tax stamp before ordering or could I order this then get the tax stamp?

  9. tyraywilson

    I can’t believe I missed it again

  10. TennesseeTater

    I bought the osprey micro because for $200, why not?

  11. SunbroNo1

    God once again a smiles upon his favorite son

  12. averagedadarms

    Is there some kinda promo code

  13. mobbinlama

    So it said that all items besides firearms have to have the same shipping and billing address, but obviously it has to be shipped to an ffl. Hopefully my order goes through.

  14. Burn0ut7

    Any one have any experiences with the [NG2 Defense MaxFlo AFD Suppressor](https://www.triarcsystems.com/product/ng2-defense-maxflo-afd-suppressor/)?

  15. Jakl15

    Just micro osprey left. Oh well

  16. HellaciousFellatio

    Don’t care how good the deals are. Won’t give these incompetent shit heads a dime.

  17. Ed0g

    Cannot find the nomad for $500. Was it really there?

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