13 reviews for [NFA] SIG SAUER SLX556C-QD (5.56MM) SUPPRESSOR (BLACK) – $999 + sh

  1. gunzrbad69

    that 556 engraving is so ugly lmao

  2. iLuvstockglocksights

    Rare chode

  3. FirstGT

    Man. I’m border line sig fan boy but their prices just keep getting more and more insane

    I love my 762 TiQD or whatever cumbersome name it is but makes me even more glad I got it at fair price after seeing how they just keep jacking prices up

    And they raised ammo prices a little while back. And my last ammo order they sat on for 3 weeks. I finally had enough and called to ask WTF and dude says, oh it’s all on back order. Uhhhh thanks for a heads up on this via email or some such

  4. kich3469

    Gonna need to see Pew Science results and this vs OSS

  5. PapaBearDownSouth

    Idk about this but the sig srd 762 cans are some of the quietest for 556 and certainly 300BO

  6. gumby36psi

    Oh shi

  7. MasterPPregnancyTips

    I don’t see these doing very well on the civ market unless they are somehow light-years better at suppressing than anything else out there. I think these are designed for machine guns and are heavy af for the length.

  8. Siglet84

    The big draw to the new Sig cans is that they (supposedly) decrease blowback significantly even over an unsupressed M4.

  9. BlasterBurgh

    Or just buy an RC2 from surefire when one comes up on sale? Unless this is some wild game changing design, $1000 is way too high for an ugly ass can from sig.

  10. Bobo_Palermo

    I’d like to give one of these a shot at ~$600.

  11. Noseassospechoso

    This or the new helios qd ti?

  12. PageVanDamme

    Do they come with the required muzzle device?

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