[NFA] sandman 5.56 FH end cap $54.00 + $21 shipping to Idaho

[NFA] sandman 5.56 FH end cap $54.00 + $21 shipping to Idaho


[NFA] sandman 5.56 FH end cap $54.00 + $21 shipping to Idaho

18 reviews for [NFA] sandman 5.56 FH end cap $54.00 + $21 shipping to Idaho

  1. gumby36psi

    21 dollar shipping for a cap

    A fucking cap lolll

  2. DetroitJason

    Does the shop hand deliver it to you for that price? Ridiculous.

  3. -Chimpanzee-

    $21 shipping lmfao


    $16 shipping to PA.. for a cap. That’s tough but still in for one since I’ve been looking for far too long

  5. MSpeedAddict

    Yessss I’ve been hunting for one of these! Thanks!

  6. Tuco86x

    Thought that was a brake rotor from the thumbnail pic

  7. FreshBadge

    $69 shipped (nice) to AZ. Pretty good considering they’ve been out of stock everywhere for like a month.

  8. lightshowe

    Does anyone have any deals for the 7.62 flash hider cap?

  9. Gr4p3-S33d

    Does this work for the nomad?

  10. Kahamu

    Holy shit. I just got a shipping notification..

  11. DetroitJason

    Edit: Ignore…I’m an idiot.

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  13. Old-Consideration643

    I’ll be honest, I bought one for $99.

    It was insane to me and still is but it did seem to perform very well. Sandman is my first can (still in jail) and I saved a few bucks from this thread on it. Worth it? Idk ask my mom

  14. RedRanger_SLC

    Shipping is ridiculous, but someone should buy the remaining 20 pieces and the GAFS it.

    Edit: 10 for shipping to UT.

  15. Odysseus556

    14.26 to Mississippi 🤷‍♂️. I don’t even have a suppressor but I’ve decided to get a sandman s, is there any reason I should have this.

  16. tristanpt

    Ordered. Currently have a Sandman in jail.

  17. Kahamu

    Did anyone get a ship notification yet?

  18. vicinadp

    The fact they sell PMC 9mm for stupid prices makes me never wanna buy anything from them

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