[NFA] omega 36m $1036 2 left

[NFA] omega 36m $1036 2 left


[NFA] omega 36m $1036 2 left

4 reviews for [NFA] omega 36m $1036 2 left

  1. 2ndammend

    Heavy and expensive, far better ordering a R9 and a T2/R30 for about the same price with stamps. Try and tell me a Omega 36 is light at the end of your Pistol/PCC…also it’s $949 and it’s OOS now.

  2. cdillon42

    Bot oos

  3. romang12

    Omega 36m or rugged micro 30? Which one is better?

  4. mcscissorhands

    Wtf silencershop? I ordered this can from them back in February when it was on backorder and it’s still waiting assignment. Why the heck are they selling new inventory instead of fulfilling existing orders?

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