[NFA] Omega 300 $649

[NFA] Omega 300 $649


[NFA] Omega 300 $649

6 reviews for [NFA] Omega 300 $649


    897 left in stock, for some reason I have a hard time believing this.

  2. thechosengalaxy

    Seller has some mixed reviews, but they’re not blacklisted. As always, use a credit card to protect yourself against any funny business. In for one myself for my Remington 700!

  3. Fuzzy_Friend6557

    Bought one a month ago for 799.00🤦🏻‍♂️

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  5. codyb2012

    This is right down the street from my house…

  6. ThrottleAbuse

    Wow. I knew stumbling into this reddit would be bad for my bank account.

    So a little advice from some gurus would be helpful. I have 2 questions.

    I was just about set on buying the banish 30 and using it to swap around on a few builds. It came down to the Banish and the Omega 300. Mainly I want it for my new AR pistol with a 7.5″ barrel. Its not complete but I know they are loud af. I like the fact the Banish is is modular and user servicable. I dont like the fact that its direct mount but I dont really know of that is an issue really since this is my first can.

    Second question is what is the best way to handle all the paperwork? I liked the Silencer Central paperwork from home and setting up a trust. I am in WI and have a kiosk for Silencercentral close by. Can I easily do a trust if I order from this company?

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