[NFA] National Gun Trusts- $9.95 Off with code MERRYXMAS for, well, Christmas

[NFA] National Gun Trusts- $9.95 Off with code MERRYXMAS for, well, Christmas


[NFA] National Gun Trusts- $9.95 Off with code MERRYXMAS for, well, Christmas

19 reviews for [NFA] National Gun Trusts- $9.95 Off with code MERRYXMAS for, well, Christmas

  1. SoapActual

    [They didn’t beat me to this one!](https://www.nationalguntrusts.com). $9.95 discount on a trust. You’ll need one, as with eForm 4s we will all soon have a crippling can addiction.

    Finally factory SBRs begin to make much more sense without engraving your own (trust) name into a $3k rifle, even.

  2. AugustinesConversion

    Can someone help me understand why I’d need this

  3. Emblazin

    If you are looking to create a NFA trust, look no further. I created a trust with them a year ago and the process was quick and easy, and they are incredibly responsive to any questions you may have (I emailed at 2AM and got a response within 15-30 minutes.

    I highly recommend registering any NFA items you wish to purchase in a trust, it is a little extra paperwork for a lot of flexibility.


    Good people at this site

  5. RedHotStratocaster

    Highly recommend. Trust paperwork delivered instantly and very professionally done. First Form 1 with a trust from these guys recently approved. The NGT site has tons of thorough resources to walk you through the NFA application process and customer service will answer any questions quickly and diligently.

  6. Nephilimls1

    Just grabbed one, been looking at them for a while.
    Bought it because of all the comments talking about their customer service, and ATF NFA forms seem beyond me. Especially trust forms.

  7. flamtapped

    Amazing people. Very responsive and helpful.

  8. Vietnixon

    But are you *really* sure it isn’t for national pumpkin pie day?

  9. grizzly0403

    made one a few weeks ago with NGT. I was dumb and named my trust somethings too long. They responded to me on a Sunday and made me a new trust with a shorter name. 10/10 would recommend.

  10. acatlin

    I want to use a trust to do a private transfer in WA, using the new eform process. What the hell do I do once I’ve got the trust?

  11. CosmoM3

    Just picked one up as I’m going down the NFA rabbit hole now (still waiting on my Form 1 approval).

    Sharing is caring people.

  12. RollickReload

    Anyone willing to send me a PDF of what one looks like (with names redacted of course)?

  13. MildlyBemused

    Coupon code dead

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  15. [deleted]


  16. Freedom-Forever

    Excellent company: I had several questions along the way and I always received quick responses from them. Great customer service which made things quite easy


    Is this something you set up once and use it forever or are there ongoing costs associated with it?

    Do you need a separate one for each NFA item?

    Alternatively, is it more convenient to have a separate one for each NFA item?

    Can I get one of these now and way later actually use it?

  18. BrutusXj

    Can I buy one of these as a gift for an individual?

  19. 1mbrews8

    So if the eforms are still down, can I do anything if I was to purchase a trust now (other than complete it, then waitttttt?)?

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