[NFA] in stock SLXC, 5.56MM, INC QD, COMP – $1079 + sh

[NFA] in stock SLXC, 5.56MM, INC QD, COMP – $1079 + sh


[NFA] in stock SLXC, 5.56MM, INC QD, COMP – $1079 + sh

6 reviews for [NFA] in stock SLXC, 5.56MM, INC QD, COMP – $1079 + sh

  1. IAMheretosell321

    hyped for pew science to get ahold of these

  2. gumby36psi

    Just had to write 5.56 on it

  3. YungDalaiLama_

    Is there any information out on the internal design on these? Seems like there are many different options within each caliber. Looking at the 300blk specific one myself.

  4. TheRenownWolf

    Very interested in these. Wish they’d make them 3rd party compatible though.

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  6. Giraffecaster

    for those who don’t know: this is the new Sig can that’s 3d printed. Been in the works for a few years now, so it’s exciting to see they finally hit store shelves.

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