[NFA] GSL Technology 2022 Special Promotion All Silencers Marked to MAP Pricing – Up to 40% Off Ends 1/31/2022

[NFA] GSL Technology 2022 Special Promotion All Silencers Marked to MAP Pricing – Up to 40% Off Ends 1/31/2022


[NFA] GSL Technology 2022 Special Promotion All Silencers Marked to MAP Pricing – Up to 40% Off Ends 1/31/2022

16 reviews for [NFA] GSL Technology 2022 Special Promotion All Silencers Marked to MAP Pricing – Up to 40% Off Ends 1/31/2022

  1. onlybanana

    Anyone have any feedback on these suppressors from the last deal?

  2. SWMI5858

    Good Company. If any of you have MP5 clones, and are using the knurled thread protector, and your tri-lug silencer has a slight wobble; GSL makes a smooth thread protector just for these, and your can will attach tight and smooth.

  3. usedtomakemelaugh

    Might pick up a pill box for the novelty. Do you have a store front and are you set up to do eForm 4s? I think I’m local-ish to you

  4. BjDrizzle69

    Can’t remember CEOs name but he is in the same city as me and is exceptionally personable.

  5. kingpcgeek

    Here is a free HTML lesson that would make things easier for people looking at your website and GSL’s at the same time.

    <a href=”https://gsltechnology.com/product-category/suppressors/” target=”_blank”>GSL&#8217;s website</a>

    <a href=”https://gsltechnology.com/product-category/suppressors/” target=”_blank”>Click Here to See All GSL&#8217;s Silencers!</a>

  6. A_Blanco_45

    Huh – Phoenix has already gone up since Jan 10 – it was $684, now it’s $719.

  7. outsidein292

    These guys are in the same state as me and I wouldn’t mind getting a 5.56 can. Anyone know how these do in flash suppression for low light or nod work

  8. 2-cents

    I just bought a GSL can MAC 9. They even worked on an old gemtech for me. I would buy with confidence.

  9. FreedomEagle99

    What a terrible website.

  10. Limp-Quail

    Website is hard as hell to use, every silencer needs to have their description right next to it.

  11. tgulli

    I don’t see any info on the GT-GMB or g7

  12. LuM0s-Wolf762

    Can you get me a 24mmx1.5r bi lock flash hider ? GSL makes them but it’s not on their website or catalog .

    I’ll buy 2

  13. WIFirearmsTransfers

    Good Morning r/GunDeals! We are back with our MAP pricing bulk order deal for all GSL Technology silencers. There will be a price increase coming on 2/1/2022 so this deal can only run now through the end of the month. Get your orders in before it’s too late!

    Since 1985, GSL has designed suppressed weapons systems that are used by most Government agency units throughout the world and designed advanced systems to ensure their safety and protect their hearing. In addition, GSL has worked with a wide range of local, state and federal Law Enforcement and Government agencies that depend on our innovative, durable and proven designs.

    For over 30 years GSL has continued to lead the charge on product design, engineering, and patents – all while continuing to manufacture high-end suppression devices for the industry at large.


    [GSL Technology Catalog](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UeDxB7i9qHmHg6wl6UEWDFsEL1h8b8RY/view?usp=sharing)

    I wish [PEW Science](https://pewscience.com/)would review some GSL Silencers. How can we make this happen?

    GSL Silencer Reviews

    [TFB Review with GSL CEO Greg Lakta](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqXsh2CAH4E)

    [Law Enforcement Officer Review of GSL Silencers (On GSL’s YT Channel)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Me-rjKLlY)

    [NFA Review channel on the Phoenix](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYpDc1sQWyM)

    [Review of GSL’s 22 lineup](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQwsvhgMOyE)

    [Live Fire of GSL’s Phoenix](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_avKPUSUIA)

    [GSL Silencers are “Too Quiet” (On GSL’s YT Channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdoyVmOEc7Q)

  14. gebsmith

    Do any GSL suppressors have 1-3/8×24 threads to accept industry standard QD systems?

  15. gebsmith

    I’m confused.. 40% = MAP pricing? Since when is MAP pricing a deal?

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