[NFA] Deadair Sandman S FDE $697 plus about $10 shipping

[NFA] Deadair Sandman S FDE $697 plus about $10 shipping


[NFA] Deadair Sandman S FDE $697 plus about $10 shipping

21 reviews for [NFA] Deadair Sandman S FDE $697 plus about $10 shipping

  1. Boomerfudd1337

    My grandson really likes these, he claims dead air is one of the best in the business, their Keymo system is great! Thanks for sharing OP. GODBLESS!

  2. maliciouswarrior

    Wow what a deal wish I would’ve waited a bit

  3. Infamous_Translator

    Use code SMS

    [Black is also the same price – 6 available as of 11:37 EST](https://shop.gafiringline.com/cproduct/22933/sandman-s-7*62)

    Edit: Black is OOS now

  4. GetRDone96

    Showing $850 for me

    Edit: I’m an idiot. Code SMS posted in comments

  5. DjKeyhole

    Will these transfer to another SilencerShop dealer for free / will the other dealer transfer them for free?

    I see these available from GA Firing Line on Silencershop.com for $849, so IDK if there’s a way to use that for my local SS dealer.

  6. Domester4

    Oh man, I was literally just talking to someone at silencershop about this….sent it.

  7. _Kentucky_

    Does this come with the muzzle break?

  8. Spartan3xActual

    So I’m in the market for a suppressor thoon enough. This or Surefire RC2?

  9. Kurtis133

    Ordered one of these last week. Quick communication just waiting on it to ship. Guess the form 3 is taking some time.

  10. Sasquatch109

    in for one, thanks OP

  11. chaos021


  12. FabulaJones

    Are these the goldilocks of the sandman line?

  13. Aioros7777

    Dumb question : I always buy my suppressors through the kiosk and my gun trust is there… How do I purchase/process this?

  14. Miisterii

    So I bought this, a SiCo Hybrid 46 and a SiCo Omega 36M…. all in a week. What do I do now? Did I do good??

    SandmanS – $707

    Hybrid46 – $700

    Omega36M – $750

  15. [deleted]


  16. makeitgobang

    I’m trying to buy one of these, but it keeps asking for ‘card data’, a protected field. Doesn’t take a card number. One time it loaded a part with card number, expiration, etc. But still didn’t go work. 🙁

  17. reartooth

    Ordered a Sandman from these guys a month ago. Fast shipping and now I am waiting.

  18. cheppyLS3

    Can’t find the black one? Only fde available. Help fellow ape pls

  19. Eris_is_Savathun

    I paid $999 at my LGS… Fuck

  20. work_blocked_destiny

    This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen these go for. Smoking deal

  21. workworkzuggzugg

    What is this I keep seeing about keymod

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