[NFA] Dead Air Sandman S $699.58 using ‘overstocked’

[NFA] Dead Air Sandman S $699.58 using ‘overstocked’


[NFA] Dead Air Sandman S $699.58 using ‘overstocked’

24 reviews for [NFA] Dead Air Sandman S $699.58 using ‘overstocked’

  1. vikingsfan82

    9 at time of post. I think this is BIN pricing

  2. CampyTheTerrible

    Fuck me, I promised myself no more tax stamps for a while.

  3. Gregsquatch

    God fucking dammit I’m not in a state that I’m guranteed to be in or even near in 9-ish months. FUCK. I even saw this early.

  4. NotoriousDVA

    This is a very nice deal and I’m just gonna fixate really hard on the fact that it won’t work with my non-keymo muzzle devices so I don’t spend $700 on another ramen packet

    ed: and another $300 on xfer fees and tax stamp for said ramen packet. Them’s some fancy noodles

  5. stojanowski

    Man I wish it was in the silencer shop network so I didn’t have to spend the 125 transfer

  6. bradsredditacct

    This is a fantastic price

  7. jaymassinello

    Silencer noob here. This or a CGS Helios for my 5.56 AR

  8. tyraywilson

    Yall remember the NFA market in 2018? We didn’t know how great we had it.

  9. MajorRash

    Suppressor newb here. Are the dead air’s all 7.62 by design and I shouldn’t care?

    Also, if I have a nox any of the keymo suppressors will fit?

  10. nakimar

    looks like it’s OOS – not sure if the save in my cart feature worked for me. u/rooftopdefense any chance you’ll be getting more of these in stock?

  11. Affectionate-Metal-2

    I bought another. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  12. ToddSolondz

    God damn i paid $850 for this same can a couple months ago

  13. [deleted]


  14. [deleted]


  15. lkirby8

    Can I purchase this and then file my form 4? Or do I need to have a form 4 filed before I purchase it?

  16. Enigma_x23

    Dam I hate I’ll have to pass up this deal

  17. JqotsaL

    In for one… managed to stay away from Reddit for some time while I moved, but looks like I’m back on my bullshit…

  18. DerKrieger105

    Great price.

    $680 is my cost as a dealer so

  19. prelude33

    Bot OSS

  20. BigNickPlaya

    Damn…bought one of these about 2 months ago for $800

  21. thechosengalaxy

    Was going to jump on this, but ended up getting a Wolfman for 630 instead. Already have a Turbo T2. Great price though!

  22. work_blocked_destiny

    Jesus this is amazing

  23. ArdNarc

    Overstocked or preparing for a possible ban

  24. KekiusSummitatem

    Wish I could get this, but Illinois cucks me every day all the time and I can’t.

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