[NFA] Dead Air Nomad-30 $699

[NFA] Dead Air Nomad-30 $699


[NFA] Dead Air Nomad-30 $699

6 reviews for [NFA] Dead Air Nomad-30 $699

  1. hennessy_black

    Not as cheap as the last time, any discount code? After shipping and my SOT transfer fee I’m only saving $30 over silencershop. Come on triarc I still need a nomad L


    God the last triarc garage sale was immaculate. After promo codes and mil discount the nomad 30, ti and a compm5 all came out to ~$500 ea shipped. Never thought I’d drop 1.5k so fast in the middle of the night

  3. two40tom

    That sale was insane! Supressors weren’t even on my radar during that sale…and now I kinda wish I would’ve held out for this but I bought a Sandman S a couple weeks ago for about the same price.

  4. Vinsight_

    Me, waiting patiently with the flash hider front cap, keymo adapter, and e brake that i got because of a lucky snag from the last sale

  5. nick_the_builder

    Hey guys need some input. Looking for a can for my ar-308. Is this what I want? Looking for low back pressure as I shoot wrong handed. Any tips? OSS is also on my radar.

  6. gamerkidx

    Damn you. Just bought a ghost 45m for $699

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