6 reviews for [NFA] CGS HELIOS TI $1,400

  1. AltoidsSoursOFFICIAL

    It kills me how expensive suppressors are. I get that these are really nice and additive manufactured titanium but 1400 is a whole Daniel Defense or BCM ar. Fuck the ATF dude …

  2. nolanhp1

    Anyone have experience firing these at night for high round counts? I’m curious if the flash suppression is good after the titanium sparking subsides.

  3. combat_machine

    More of a in stock notification but here it is.

  4. endwick

    I bought this from a site that is blacklisted here for being one of those problematic “email for price” dropshippers. It did take three weeks for them to get it in stock, but it was “only” $1,200. Depending on your NFA transfer fee, it could be cheaper than going through SilencerShop.

    The site is the name of this sub but with “zone” in the middle. FAIR WARNING: A lot of people have had bad experiences with them and they were banned for a reason.

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  6. Speedhabit

    Is this not the normal, super high price?

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