[NFA] 30% off Quietbore 9mm and .45 kits w/ code “SAVE30” – $196+ tax/ship

[NFA] 30% off Quietbore 9mm and .45 kits w/ code “SAVE30” – $196+ tax/ship


[NFA] 30% off Quietbore 9mm and .45 kits w/ code “SAVE30” – $196+ tax/ship

11 reviews for [NFA] 30% off Quietbore 9mm and .45 kits w/ code “SAVE30” – $196+ tax/ship

  1. jcarver1112

    Just my $.02, as someone who has done multiple form 1 builds, I wouldn’t buy this. These are the reasons.

    * Can is undersized. This can is a b tube equivalent and will underperform using k baffles. If it had a really nice radial stack it would be ok. I would get the 45 cal kit for 9mm instead.
    * These use non standard threads for the end cap. 1.165×24 instead of 1.18×24 This has a number of implications.

    1. Any replacement part has to come from quite bore, like different thread caps if you want to move to a new host.
    2. If you want to use this on a pistol with a browning action (aka locked breech aka recoil operated) like a glock or most other modern pistols, you will need a booster. Because of the non standard threads your only option is their $175 booster. Despite its premium price its not the best option on the market and the higher cost offsets the sale savings.
    3. Because you have to use their booster you don’t have the option to use other industry standard pistons. This means you don’t have the option to use something like the Griffin Cam-LOK system for quick attach to pistols. This means if you want to switch between host with different threads you will be changing end caps on the can each time.
    4. If you wanted to use this on a carbine or other rifle you might want to use an attachment system that doesn’t require you to remove your muzzle device for each use. These system also are more secure and don’t walk loose like direct threads. Griffin plan A, Q plan B, silencer co asr etc. Again because of the non standard thread this isn’t an option. You just can’t use any of these great attachment systems with this can.

    * .45 kit also uses non standard threads 1.290×24 instead of 1.375×24 so it has all the same issues noted above
    * If none of that bothers you. You are sure you’re not going to use it on a different host with different threads. You don’t mind removing muzzle devices to use it on long guns. You don’t mind the cheap quality booster. You don’t mind constantly checking that the direct threads haven’t walked loose. Even with all that – it was price $150 a couple months go.

    So how about an alternative. If I was going to go with low cost mediocre can with k baffles, I would get it from someone like sovlenttrapcups. Their kits are standard 1.18×24 and 1.375×24. Their booster is also mediocre but its $50 cheaper. Because they are standard threads you can buy a nice name brand booster like the yhm or ecco. Because you can get nice boosters you can use systems like cam-lok. Because they are standard threads you can get QD muzzle devices and adapters for them. They still come with a stainless blast baffle. They are priced at 250 right now but often go on sale around 200. They also price match competitors, just email them.

    There is only 1 advantage quietbore has – free engraving. And I will admit that is nice perk. I considered buying one of their can just for this reason. But at the end of the day the shortcomings aren’t worth it to me. Customdustcover will engrave your tube for $30 with free return shipping. For a little extra money you get a lot more.

  2. GunDealsBrowser

    – You will need at least a SUBMITTED form 1 for them to ship.
    – this price INCLUDES engraving.
    – i would recommend the .45 size tube for 9mm and just drill smaller holes especially for PCCs.
    – check GAFS for drilling jig rental before paying $$$ for something you’ll use once. 3d printed options may be available as well.
    – these are all aluminum with a steel blast baffle.
    – their ship times vary based on how many orders they get. Could be a couple days up to a couple weeks.
    – you can order now and file a form 1 after the fact, they’ll just hold the order until it’s submitted.
    – i have a .45 version that i use on a .45 AR. Works fine but its undersized IMO for .45. Still hearing safe.

  3. MamboS0n

    Have some of these and are OK. Quality is good though the last 30cal kits I got I thought were blems because of marks on the tube. Also make sure you order the exact right things – for a 45 cal kit, make sure you get the right thread pitch for your mount. I placed the order on my phone and pulled down the wrong one, didn’t realize until I got it. Unfortunately the customer support is NILL. I have contacted multiple times about orders (trying to exchange the 5/8×24 for 1/2X28) and other questions and have never gotten a response. The 30 cal kits are hard to drill and the jig setup is different and they don’t seem to have a video on setup for it.

  4. daeedorian

    I wish they made a 3-lug for the .45 diameter tube.

    I did a 9mm one first with a booster for pistols and then a .45 tube with a 9mm bore and direct thread for carbines, but I’d love to switch it to 3 lug and get some thread-on 3 lug adapters for my carbines.

    I’d also pick up their .22 and 556 cans if they were discounted.

    I felt kinda salty about paying full price for the boostered 9mm can, which then was deeply discounted before my Form 1 was even approved.

  5. Ev3d11

    The code also works on the accessories such as the boosters and drill fixtures.

  6. OmDeLapte

    Anyone know if they are still working on a “new .22 kit”? Last time they had the sale for their .22 kits I saw somewhere in the comments a new version is in the works.

  7. lil_johnny_cake

    AFTER RECEIVING MY APPROVED FORM 1, I drilled the .45 kit out with a 13/32 (9mm) bit and it sounds good. Vids on my profile somewhere if y’all are interested. I’m satisfied with it.

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  9. EvilProstatectomy

    I’ve had an interest in doing one of these for a while, anyone had any experience? Do you just buy one and submit form 1 once you get it?

  10. Wide-Ad3254

    If I “can”, will a YHM 3 lug work on the 9mm kit?

  11. twowords_number

    FYI, some tools you as the end-user will need to finish these:

    * If you’re using their drill guide, then you’ll need a hand drill
    * Oil for drilling
    * A vice to clamp the drill guide into (rather important, if your drill guide shakes during drilling, your holes will not be concentric – potential for baffle strike)
    * Compressed air (can or compressor, nice to have for blowing shavings off the baffles after drilling, not strictly necessary)
    * Crescent wrench or channel-locks for the muzzle cap
    * Crescent wrench + 5/32″ allen key for the drill guide jig bolts
    * Larger allen key to screw in the end cap (I had a 3/8″ key which worked but I think the correct key would be 7/16″)

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