[Medical] Rescue Essentials Vehicle Trauma Kit (Rip-Away IFAK) – $102.09 (30% off)

[Medical] Rescue Essentials Vehicle Trauma Kit (Rip-Away IFAK) – $102.09 (30% off)


[Medical] Rescue Essentials Vehicle Trauma Kit (Rip-Away IFAK) – $102.09 (30% off)

15 reviews for [Medical] Rescue Essentials Vehicle Trauma Kit (Rip-Away IFAK) – $102.09 (30% off)

  1. DarkiSno

    Use code DD10OFF for another 10% off

  2. LukeTheAnarchist

    This actually looks like a pretty squared away kit at a good price.

  3. datdude8686

    Definitely need this for my private jet.

  4. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    Damn even medications this shit is solid for sure

  5. twowords_number

    In for one, currently have no first-aid capabilities and I feel like I need to change that, even if it’s just in my car

  6. caffpanda

    Great kit, RE is fantastic and I’ve bought a lot of items from them over the years. Only thing I’d add is that, like firearms, a good IFAK is useless without training and practice. Get you both, take a basic first aid class and a stop-the-bleed class near you if you can find it.

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  8. toner1345

    In for one

  9. tallaurelius

    Anyone have a good way to mount this to the back of a headrest?

    EDIT: this website sells one!

  10. BuildStuffBreakStuff

    In for one. Better to have and not need than to need and not have

  11. Primarch459

    So these are cheap because a bright red bag is a better idea than this “discreet and tactical” especially if you drive alone and you might want someone else to use it on you?

    Does anyone know of a cheap Molle BIG RED CROSS. That would remediated this?

  12. 650REDHAIR

    Anyone get an FSA reimbursement for kits like these?

  13. mrbobjangles

    If anyone was wondering, the bag is a Condor RIP Away EMT Pouch. Good size. Comes in red also. Around $30 online if you want to build your own kit.

  14. flynn007

    How much are the components parted out?

  15. knfr

    I just bought an IFAK from Dark Angel Medical a few days ago for LARPing and ninja-ing.

    Should I have just bought this instead? I’ll buy this one too to stick in my tactical urban fursault vehicle (Toyota Camry rebadged to look like Conkers from the video game), going dark, I’ve said too much.



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