[Medical] 10 opened Gen 7 CAT Tourniquets – $130

[Medical] 10 opened Gen 7 CAT Tourniquets – $130


[Medical] 10 opened Gen 7 CAT Tourniquets – $130

11 reviews for [Medical] 10 opened Gen 7 CAT Tourniquets – $130

  1. Jasper371

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t need 10 of them but I poked around the site and found a 4-pack for $52.50. Also there was free shipping.

    Seems like a solid deal if you need some to stuff in glove boxes or wanted some for training.


  2. BobbyFuckingB

    Really need to find my HSA card

    Edit: Found it, grabbed a four pack

  3. doolimite1

    Can HSA funds be used for this ?

  4. thatshiftyshadow

    My order was shipped quickly and comparing them to the gen7s I received from LAPG as well as NARs guide to authenticating these indicates to me that they were genuine. Not a lot of wear on them. Probably just sat in an IFAK for most of the time they were open.

  5. TooEZ_OL56

    Is this trustworthy? Any method of verification tat they haven’t been used before in training or anything?

  6. ThrowMeAwayAccount08

    I really need to take a medic course.

  7. R0binSage

    There are only about 2-3 websites you should be buying your tourniquets from. North American Rescue is one. The site in the OP link is not one of them.

  8. LetsGatitOn

    I feel like this is crazy inflated. These should cost like $30 considering it’s plastic, velcro and nylon strap basically.

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  10. funksaves

    Out of stock

  11. DotNetGuy479

    If anyone has two to spare for sale I’m interested to purchase just in case. Please message for price with shipping to lower 48. USPS flat rate might work well.

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