13 reviews for [MAGS] SAIGA 12 GA 2RD MAGAZINE $19.99

  1. Send_It_Linda_308

    Guys these mags are OEM IZMASH 5rd mags and have limiters in them that come right out when you take off the floorplate, restoring them to 5rds. They come wrapped in yellow plastic with a certificate. I bought some and i have to say they run perfectly and the limiter could come in handy for bird hunting if i ever wanted to pop it back in.

    Eta: 5rds

  2. UgliestCookie

    Dope. The Izmash logo and Cyrillic Ч make these even cooler.

  3. madlaboratories

    Solid deal. Thanks OP!

  4. Wiggawam

    Finally have more than one magazine for this thing! Thanks!

  5. Superflyjimi

    Got 4 for my lynx-12

  6. Send_It_Linda_308

    Bot oos.

    Lol, y’all did a number on it huh? I was thinking to grab some more but I’m cool w the 4 i snagged!

  7. LeJuanJames

    Would these fit in a vepr 12?

  8. L3MnGorillaJR

    Been waiting to get a good deal on these for a while now. Thanks OP.

  9. ValkyrProper

    Got two before OOS. Thanks OP.

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  11. Trancephibian

    These were a nice secret for a while. Got a few back during summer. Glad yall got some good Russian mags though.

  12. Spam_Sweetmilk

    Were these $19.99 or $12.99?

    Link is showing $12.99.

  13. gmod_policeChief

    I’m assuming we don’t have genuine Saiga’s anymore, so what Saiga clones do you guys recommend? I love this shotgun

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