[MAGS] Lancer 30RND .223/5.56 Magazine- Translucent Red $16.95

[MAGS] Lancer 30RND .223/5.56 Magazine- Translucent Red $16.95


[MAGS] Lancer 30RND .223/5.56 Magazine- Translucent Red $16.95

12 reviews for [MAGS] Lancer 30RND .223/5.56 Magazine- Translucent Red $16.95

  1. lahcim_

    Lanbo’s has those for $15 including other cute colors. Some as low as $12. 😉

  2. wlderdude

    For the longest time these red ones were a gunmagwarehouse exclusive. I’d set up in stock notifications, but money and opportunity never aligned for a couple of years. Now they sell them everywhere. I finally got a couple almost a year ago from another vendor with a forgettable name. Not sure why I wanted them so bad. They are still in the plastic bag.

  3. jkaiser10

    Angry thanos mags

  4. StuxnetKaos

    any translucent ODG Lancer mags for sale? I think BDU stopped selling them.

  5. bottlecap10

    almost got me OP. almost got me

  6. Surprise_Thumb

    Do I need a red one to add to my growing collection of colored Lancer mags?

    …yeah, probably. 🙃

  7. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    Anyone know if there are OD green Lancers for reasons?

  8. PandaCatGunner

    Perfect for those SI red parts

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  10. WACOtheATF

    As someone already said RED and PURPLE at Lanbos for $15.24 in cart idk shipping and tax and shit


  11. MuchoBALLS

    Midway usa has black for $10

  12. rj3yo03

    r/PlebeianAr would love these

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