[MAGS] Glock 17 PD Trade In Mags $13.99 +ship

[MAGS] Glock 17 PD Trade In Mags $13.99 +ship


[MAGS] Glock 17 PD Trade In Mags $13.99 +ship

17 reviews for [MAGS] Glock 17 PD Trade In Mags $13.99 +ship

  1. MP5SD5

    Just my opinion but I have see these for $20 new. I don’t think it is worth $6 to get an ex-police mag with mystery reliability. Maybe worth marking as a range mag.

  2. scttooo

    $5 flat ship. Solid

  3. SheWentCrayola

    Damn, I missed them! OOS 11 min after this post

  4. Rhett325i

    I try to buy 5 every time these go in stock. Best deal around.

  5. mjisdagoat23

    Nice I bought 3. Gonna go good with my Dagger.

  6. dirtyboots702

    In for the max! $14.99 each otd

  7. zablockifeller

    Glock 26 12 rounders…same price still available

  8. DrowningEarth


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  10. Sogan88

    Tried to go from 4 to 8 and it sold out in that time. How often do they come back in stock?

  11. spook777

    Damn oos. Stupid password reset delay.

  12. funksaves


  13. mcpickledickle


  14. Doolimite

    Do they ever have 19’s of these ?

  15. bubbathedesigner

    bot OOS

  16. dknisle1

    Bought 4 last go around. Damn near brand new. No scratches or anything

  17. LowValueAviator

    I bought 5 used Glock 22 mags from them a year or so ago. Clapped out would be an understatement – but all of them work.

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