[Mags] 10 Pack Yugo AK 30rd Steel BHO Mags – $125

[Mags] 10 Pack Yugo AK 30rd Steel BHO Mags – $125


[Mags] 10 Pack Yugo AK 30rd Steel BHO Mags – $125

9 reviews for [Mags] 10 Pack Yugo AK 30rd Steel BHO Mags – $125

  1. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    $12.50 per is the lowest I’ve ever seen new pro Yugo steelies go for. Lead Steel is also good people, buy with confidence

  2. LeadAndSteel

    Suh dudes

    Hey has anyone shot the new NRCH scar? Is the recoil impulse any different? Was thinking of doing a comparison video but idk if the difference warrants the price

  3. SirRolex

    These mags run like a dream in my Zpap.

  4. duckbombz

    These packs are dope. Ive ordered 2 so far. No complaints whatsoever!

  5. throwaway939wru9ew

    Are these cosmolined or ready to go?

  6. Guntuckytactical

    Who makes these? Is it the Croatians out of Karlovac?

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  8. Revlimiter11

    Anybody run these in an SAR1? I only have the one mag it came with but I’d like to have more. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the new Yugos.

  9. Myothercarisawalrus

    Good deal, if you’ve never tried BHO mags before, maybe buy a single and see how you like them.

    The idea sounded awesome in my head, but once I got my hands on a few I much prefer standard mags. The pressure of the carrier on the mag follower when held open makes mags a bit harder to yank out, at least on my AK.

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