[Magazines] PMAG® 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE® 5.56X45MM NATO Black MAG571-BLK $6.99

[Magazines] PMAG® 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE® 5.56X45MM NATO Black MAG571-BLK $6.99


[Magazines] PMAG® 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE® 5.56X45MM NATO Black MAG571-BLK $6.99

46 reviews for [Magazines] PMAG® 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE® 5.56X45MM NATO Black MAG571-BLK $6.99

  1. pro2aAllDay

    Big Tex is legit. Free stickers, candy and copy of the constitution, quick and cheap shipping.

  2. Bieda8494

    Create an account, get a $5 off coupon. Order one mag for $3.98 shipped


    I remember our LE rep would just give these away before they left Colorado. Ultimate giga Chad move was flooding the market with 30 round mags before the ban went into effect.

  4. FreshOutdoorAir

    Protip: Shipping increases as you buy more. See what the max amount you can buy is before shipping increases and you might want to increase your quantity

    For example:

    1 mag = $1.99 shipping

    2-3 mags = $5.99 shipping

    4-7 mags = $7.99 shipping

    8-11 mags = $8.99 shipping

    12-31 mags = $10.99 shipping

    32-i stopped checking = $12.99 shipping

    and so on

    In other words, if you plan on buying 8 mags, you might as well buy 11 because shipping doesn’t increase until you get to 12.

  5. throwawayifyoureugly

    > We ship anywhere in the United States. Our customers are responsible for knowing and complying with their state and local laws.

    **update** acquaintance sent over the following email from BTO after they ordered this morning:

    > We noticed that your order contains magazines that are restricted in your state. Could you please send us over a copy of your LE creds so that we can get your order out the door for you?

    ~~**edit** don’t forget to pick up some [Tactical Pocket Sand](https://www.bigtexordnance.com/product/tactical-pocket-sand-2oz/) with all your savings!~~

    ~~> This is some extremely potent stuff and not legal for sale in California, Chicago, Washingto DC, New York, Vermont, or Ohio. It’s banned in Europe and contains materials know to the State of California that may cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.~~

  6. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    In for 20. Big Tex Fucks.

  7. FirmMechanic

    Trading fodder for the next panic. In for 10, thanks OP!

  8. TheArmedCivilian

    Ordered 20, decided I wanted more so I did a new order for 30. Before I could even send the email to cancel first order it’s been processed and shipped.

    Looks like I’m in for 50 lol

  9. poinanipounder

    Let’s see how fast this sells out 13370 at time of posting. The number of mags you should purchase is n+1 with n being the number of mags you currently own. Buy cheap. Stack deep.

  10. TheR4alVendetta

    Had to pickup a 10er at that price. Thanks!

  11. GinkoBilobey

    If Big Tex was a step-dad, it’d be a really cool one that takes you to sporting events and gets you an icee AND hot dog.

  12. Deeveeus

    Why can’t ak mags be this cheap 🤧

  13. arin43

    Thanks to u/Ddelo96:

    Use code Lonestar for 10% Off as well.

    Edit:disabled now

  14. paper_killa

    $648 Shipped with code for a case for me, most of my other orders have been $750-800. Ever so close to my life goal of 1k pmags.

  15. Ettu-

    In for 2 and I don’t even own a 5.56 gun yet

  16. lesliehjmoore

    Dope! Hard to pass up BTO deals and awesome service. Snagged their Radian CH deal around Christmas and it showed up 3 days early with a box of Mike & Ike’s and a pocket Constitution!

  17. GearGuy2001

    Signed up for a new account, used my $5 discount, donated $1 to Special Operations Care Fund and got 10 OTD for $75. Cant complain about that!

  18. RSG-ZR2

    I don’t need these. It’s actually the last thing I need.

    But in for 5 because I ran out of Mike and Ikes

    Oh and also because Big Tex is fucking awesome and I’m all about supporting quality vendors.

    Edit: The market is taking a shit so in for some pocket sand as well. Can never be too prepared.

  19. BTrick21

    Somebody: Big Tex can’t sell 13,500 pmags in 7 hours.

    Big Tex: Hold my fucking beer!

  20. meiswhitey

    In for 20 I guess

  21. FreshOutdoorAir

    657 in stock, was over 13,500 this morning. They’ll be gone in the next hour I presume. For every **standard capacity** 30 round magazine you buy, it creates another tear for a crying anti-gunner. Don’t ask me why, it’s just science.

  22. lama579

    In for 100. Thanks for sharing the deal!!

    EDIT: order is already shipped? I’ve never bought from Big Tex before but that was crazy fast.

  23. tacotacoburrito04

    In for 20. Nice.

  24. eapr207

    The big win is if everyone buying donates the $1 to the SOF fund. In for 20 and there’s a wee bit over 9000 left right now.

  25. BallsOutKrunked

    Screaming deal, thanks OP. Scored a bunch.

  26. tanko89

    In for a dozen, thanks OP!

  27. rdxj

    Texted a couple friends, my dad and my FIL and placed an order of 30 for $194.72 shipped. That’s just under $6.50/mag… *shipped*. Incredible.

    (Signing up for an account for $5 off and using the discount code found in the comments for 10% off made up the difference.)

  28. Randy_Bobandy17

    We did it! Finally OOS!

  29. BTrick21

    2.5 hours from order to shipped. Big Tex is awesome.

  30. twostroke1

    I already own like over 150 AR mags but I’ll sure as hell call myself a fucking communist if I don’t pick up some more whenever a good deal comes up.

  31. Djnewman001

    Don’t mind if I do. In for a Tenner.

  32. drumedary

    Got some solid deals on other mags too. Browsed around and found some Glock OEMs cheaper than I’ve seen in a hot minute.

  33. VHDamien

    I always pick up 2 to 5 when prices are low like this.
    Now if only AR10 pmag 20s would drop this low.

  34. shirospecial88

    SUITUP works on this

    Edit: looks like it is turned off now.

  35. fxtony

    My fiance is gonna be pissed, but fuck it, in for 10 lol

  36. WorksIfYouWorkIt

    Any deals on the FDE version of these? Or any Pmag that’s fde?

  37. regularRN

    Tenner here as well!

  38. bmr914C

    In for 10. Can’t pass this ish up. Will be spending loads of money with these guys. Don’t even need 10. Buy’em cheap, stack’em deep

  39. TalaxianNeckbeard

    Holy Sam Houston! They’ve already shipped my order.

  40. Own_Strawberry_3456

    Lonestar code no longer working

  41. DavidsJourney

    In for 7

  42. give_rpg

    In for 10. 13k+ in stock before checkout, 12.2k after. Going fast!

  43. MisterBulldog

    In for 10!

  44. xxVandaMxx

    In for 10! Thank you!!

  45. ginjaninja3223

    In for 10, buy em while you can boys!

  46. DCMoney556

    Damn just bought 10 the other week from them. Oh well, in for 50 more. After shipping came to $7.33 each.

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