[Magazines] OKAY Industries new surplus magazines, 10, 25 or 50 pack, as low as $7.91 each

[Magazines] OKAY Industries new surplus magazines, 10, 25 or 50 pack, as low as $7.91 each


[Magazines] OKAY Industries new surplus magazines, 10, 25 or 50 pack, as low as $7.91 each

36 reviews for [Magazines] OKAY Industries new surplus magazines, 10, 25 or 50 pack, as low as $7.91 each

  1. vikingsfan82

    This is definitely BIN pricing, $7.91 per mag when bought in 50 pack

  2. throwawayifyoureugly

    $8.99/ea for the 10pk

    $7.99/ea for the 25pk

    $7.91/ea for the 50pk

    So obviously, the 50pk is the must buy. This is r/gundeals after all.

  3. WhyInTheHellNot

    Kinda interesting that mags are really one of the only things mostly unaffected by the events of the last year. Never really saw them jump in price. You guys think that the people who bought millions of guns and many more millions of rounds of ammo from 2020 to now just totally ignored the fact that magazines are consumables and you need them to feed your gun?

  4. Quake_Guy

    FYI, I find OKAY mags to the best USGI mags available. The rest of the current mfg. are GTG, but OKAY tend to have fewer irregularities in my experience.

    However, these have the newer follower design which for some reason inverts the side of the top round when you are at an even number. So if you are used to the older green followers and magpul followers for when they are topped off or you track if a round is loaded by ejecting the mag and seeing location of the next round. This will throw you off…

  5. booger_hole

    These >>>>> pmags

  6. Nator6

    I wish they had the tan ones

  7. SmokyLungJuice

    Buy cheap, stack deep. Love these mags

  8. Jenkki15

    Made in New Britain, CT where they aren’t even legal for the regular person to possess

  9. wolfandspider

    If you’re on the fence and this didn’t sell you;


    Idk what else could convince you

  10. MisterMasterCylinder

    Nice! I was just thinking I should pick up some extra mags. Never know when there’s going to be a ban scare and prices jump. Buy cheap, stack deep, as they say

  11. Various_Variation

    Site g2g?

  12. DeadbeatPillow1

    In for 50. Anyone know what the brown anti tilt are about?

  13. DriveFoST

    Too bad California hasn’t had our rights restored yet. I bought a bunch of these during freedom week but would love 25 more for that price

  14. stabsthedrama

    I have a bunch of army issue ones and these do cycle 300blk no problem, if anyones curious. Really good deal.

  15. Godsownsin

    In for 10. You can never have too many mags. If only I hadn’t bought so much earlier this month…would have gone in on 50

  16. squilliam777

    I have a bunch of these magazines and they’re pretty OKAY

  17. Yeahyeah5150

    Anyone know if the okay E2 mags better ?

  18. gumby36psi

    Fuckit in

  19. VegetableSupport3

    These have become my favorite magazine.

    Fantastic quality and a great price.

  20. demographicfatigue

    5 dollars off (in points) if you make an account.

  21. thisfuckingquote

    The struggle is real for those old enough to have lived through AWB days. My great grandkids will be throwing away NIW mags, but these are such a good deal on the best mags that I must buy.

  22. flappy-doodles

    In for fifty, thanks!

  23. ash_bel

    Love these mags

  24. michealjacksonslover

    Great magazines, use them in everything I have that takes them.

  25. Bamooky

    Thanks OP, ordered some.

  26. Memecaliber

    Thought the military marked these to “use to attrition”. Don’t think selling off unopened pallets is standard “attrition” lol.

  27. DustOff95

    Ugh… 50 would be a lifetime’s worth for me.

    I really want this.

    Do they ship UPS/FedEx or USPS? It matters for me.

  28. Taste_Fickle

    Damn I already have 150, 30 rounders but this is one hell of a deal.

  29. TryMyBacon

    I have 3 AR-15s and 53 mags do I really need more?

  30. stumpy1218

    Is big tex one of the companies that does mag rebuild kits to ban states lol

  31. redclaw05

    In for 25

  32. nipple_respecter

    In for a 10 pack, thanks OP

  33. Patient_Tiger

    God damn it

  34. BudLight-Lime

    Oh dam I used to work there!

  35. DrLongIsland

    Shit, I ordered and then I realized that living in Texas, taxes kinda kill the deal, coming at $8.6/mag.

    Oh well…

  36. VickMontgomery

    Because 6.8 is the future?

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