[Magazines] New 10 round PMAG for ban states $15.35 per with ‘banana’

[Magazines] New 10 round PMAG for ban states $15.35 per with ‘banana’


[Magazines] New 10 round PMAG for ban states $15.35 per with ‘banana’

12 reviews for [Magazines] New 10 round PMAG for ban states $15.35 per with ‘banana’

  1. VexisArcanum

    10 rounders: $15
    30 rounders: $10


  2. rooftopdefense

    In case anybody is curious, for science sake, I was able to remove the rivet on one of these with a phillips head screwdriver. Body and floorplate are good to go, but go ahead and replace your spring and locking plate..

  3. ClearlyInsane1

    It’s an absolute shame that magazines like this have to exist.

  4. vikingsfan82

    Not for me here in Minnesota, but wanted to share for you guys. They look pretty easy to convert

  5. roulette34

    Says it won’t ship to CA /u/rooftopdefense

  6. Smithza173

    Has anyone had one apart? As a ban stater who aspires to move I would prefer a mag that a moment with a dremel can fix.

    Some types of 10/30s come with full spring and just a stop, others like hexmag are full of epoxy and pretty permanently blocked up

  7. Butch_Cassidy109

    From a shitty state. In for a few to support the rooftop.

  8. shawn3210

    Ordered 10! Thanks!

  9. eliteghost212

    Rivets are easy man.

  10. emperor000

    This clearly is not a f-u from MagPul to the states that restrict 30 round magazines, right?

  11. ALNWV


  12. Impetus_

    Damn, too late to pick up the brown ones. I’ve (sadly) been waiting for these gen 3 10/30 mags to drop since magpul announced them during the start of spring this year, and since the drop the brown ones are basically unicorns

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