[Magazines] Mec-Gar CZ 75b 19 round $23.00 + free ship over $49

[Magazines] Mec-Gar CZ 75b 19 round $23.00 + free ship over $49


[Magazines] Mec-Gar CZ 75b 19 round $23.00 + free ship over $49

22 reviews for [Magazines] Mec-Gar CZ 75b 19 round $23.00 + free ship over $49

  1. redne529

    Before anyone asks whether these are good mags, Mec-Gar is the OEM for CZ mags along with MANY others.

  2. vikingtactical97

    MecGar is the shit. Always run great

  3. coug_dude

    17 round also on sale but not a great deal at $25.64. Available at the same link, just use the drop down menu to select 17.

    These are compatible with:

    CZ 75 SP-01

    CZ 75B

    CZ 85B

    CZ Shadow 2

  4. Floridamanridesagain

    Fuck me.

    In for another 10.

  5. ZM_USMC

    Thanks OP, was just about to buy the same mags for $30. In for 15

  6. Big_gun_guy

    These run in the Phantom too, for the 3 other phantom owners out there

  7. BirdLawAssociate

    Wow. I could not afford to turn this down or to buy this. So of course in for 3.

  8. skorpion216

    Mec-Gar makes great CZ mags, but some people get failures to feed with the 19-round magazines specifically, allegedly because they use the same springs as the 18 and 17 round offerings.

  9. EastwoodRavine85

    I wish they still made the flush metal plate 14rnd mags

  10. canOcanik

    Would these be convertible to canik

  11. Pewpewpew05

    Nice. I was needing some mags for my SP-01 Tactical!

  12. DriveFoST

    Honestly the 17round ones aren’t as good as a deal but I like them a bit better. The “extension” on the bottom that makes it 19 rounds is a bit bulky and isn’t great if you carry your CZ. If you buy the 17 round mags you can change them into 19 but I haven’t seen just the baseplate to turn the 19s into 17s.

  13. lazyturtler

    do these work with cz75 sp01 tactical? Ive been trying to buy some magazines for a while but onyl seen 40$ metal mags

  14. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    My brokeass: *looks like these would fit my taurus…*

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  16. gamerkidx

    Would these work in a cz 75 czechmate?

  17. RollickReload

    Mec Gar is the maker of the OEM mags – I can attest to even the same machining marks. – BUT, I don’t have consistent slide lock with their 19 round ones. – Should I inquire with them about warranty? When I load them, it feels like they use the same spring with their 17 round mags as they do with these +2 extensions on – which isn’t unusual as Glocks do the same. I don’t use the 19 round in competition as it’s slightly too long, but still.

  18. Z_0_Sick

    Fuck whefs da compacts at

  19. insaneium1

    I have mec-gar for taurus pt92 and they are my favorite

  20. Siglet84

    Greeeat… now I have to get these and some bling base pads.

  21. inventurous

    Do these fit the B&T MK II?

  22. SceretAznMan

    Do these fit Canik TP9 models?

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