[Magazines] magpul 308 d50 $99 ships free

[Magazines] magpul 308 d50 $99 ships free


[Magazines] magpul 308 d50 $99 ships free

7 reviews for [Magazines] magpul 308 d50 $99 ships free

  1. Encumbered_Bumbler

    The only weapon I own chambered in .308 that accepts Magpul mags is a bolt action.

    This is my chance.

  2. SybianMobileDisco

    DMR jazz music becomes SAW jazz music

  3. cheshirelaugh

    Grat price for a magpul 308 drum.

  4. beyondthebarricade

    Will this work in a scar 20?

  5. MirrorsEdge42

    Finally, I’ve been looking for this price (or less) shipped for many months.

    ..and yeah I’m sure it’s probably happened before now, but I’ve missed out on those unfortunately.

    In short, thanks for this.

  6. throwawayifyoureugly

    How much is decent .308 going for nowadays?

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