[Magazines] High Quality HK AR-15 MR556A1 30Rd Mags $41 @ EuroOptic (Free S/H over $250)

[Magazines] High Quality HK AR-15 MR556A1 30Rd Mags $41 @ EuroOptic (Free S/H over $250)


[Magazines] High Quality HK AR-15 MR556A1 30Rd Mags $41 @ EuroOptic (Free S/H over $250)

17 reviews for [Magazines] High Quality HK AR-15 MR556A1 30Rd Mags $41 @ EuroOptic (Free S/H over $250)

  1. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    High quality as in you gotta be high to think the cost is worth the quality?

  2. ABlackEngineer

    Imagine buying these and getting clapped by a dude running m193 ammo through a thermold magazine

  3. Grunt11B101

    I had hk mags (I doubt they haven’t changed them since 06 but…and Ramadi and we tossed them after multiple failures in combat.

    We were also incorrectly told we could stack a full 30+1 in the chamber with these. Even after trying 28,27,26,25 we gave up and went back to the standard usgi mags.

    I find it hard to believe these are them but I avoid anything except lancers now with an exception of pmags.

  4. Tyrfaust

    Ah yes, “fuck you, it’s a HK” prices as always…

  5. WaggingDriftwood

    I bought a surplus one that made its way in a 10$ box at a gun show and man it’s nice. Heavy as fuck but really there’s no other mag on the market for any price that’s as well made and as bomb proof

  6. enclave76

    I bought 1 of these a few years ago. Honestly if I put it side by side with a surplus gi mag I got for $6 I couldn’t tell a difference on performance and the HK really didn’t even look better. I guess if you already have an HK 556 might as well add this to the set by no reason other than that to me at least

  7. TheAlchemist1

    Use me as the LOL button

  8. ScornDefeat87

    I hate money and reason, anybody wanna pin five of them to 10 rounds and re-sell to me for even more $$$…….

  9. Mervin-Blein

    Pay $3k plus for an MR556. Get “given”a pmag gen m3 with it. Find out nothing else fits cos you just presumed you bought an AR15 and any AR mag will fit. Know you really want a metal HK mag anyway. Wait for a deal like this cos you feel you re giving it to the man to hold, but really you can’t wait to finally get the mag that should of been with the rifle in the first place if HK weren’t so damn scalpy. Don’t mention iron sights……

  10. renegadeGDI

    Imagine paying quadruple to fix something that isn’t broken

  11. DestinationTex

    These are all I use – loading them is ‘like butter’ and much higher quality than traditional AR mags. These are generally a little difficult to find, and usually go for about $55+.

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  13. PandaCatGunner


  14. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    High Kuality

  15. Adolestine

    Should I buy these for my Radical Arms?
    Edit: traded my K for a C

  16. VisNihil

    The Beretta ARX100 mags are all steel with a steel follower and they’re a great alternative if you’re looking for proven steel mags. Pretty sure Beretta just reused the mags from the AR70/90, which was a good choice. They can be had for significantly cheaper than this even without Beretta’s periodic 20%/30%/50% discount codes.

    No fancy coating though, I guess.

  17. jrochlingthe2nd

    lol $41 for an AR mag

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