[MAGAZINES] Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM 9mm Magazine -15rd – $17.49

[MAGAZINES] Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM 9mm Magazine -15rd – $17.49


[MAGAZINES] Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM 9mm Magazine -15rd – $17.49

11 reviews for [MAGAZINES] Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM 9mm Magazine -15rd – $17.49

  1. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Guess I’m gonna have to finally break down and buy a Glock. Sorry AR-47 build…

  2. esoomenona

    Thanks a lot. I just spent $32 a mag the other day. Gonna return those for some of these.

  3. TooEZ_OL56

    Man Rainier is killing it with deals lately


    These work with Gen4 and Gen3 Glocks right?

  5. 2alife

    Also available:

    ~~[GLOCK GEN 5 OEM 17/34 9MM MAGAZINE – 17 RD – $19.99](https://www.rainierarms.com/glock-oem-17-34-9mm-magazine-17-rd/)~~ OOS

    [GLOCK 19 OEM 9MM MAGAZINE (Gen 4/black follower) – 15RD – $17.49](https://www.rainierarms.com/glock-19-oem-15rd-magazine/)

    These are the best prices I have seen in a long time on OEM Glock mags.

    Shipping is a flat rate $7.95.

  6. GatEnthusiast

    Is there a difference (other than the color) between the black and orange followers?

  7. CovertLeopard

    Nice find OP. In for six 15 round mags for about $20 each after shipping.

  8. FirmMechanic

    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Ded_man_3112

    Pretty steep just to have Oem Glock mags, imo. If the alternative was promags, I’d definitely stick with oem. But the magpul Glock 19 mags (10 pack) have been good to me and cheaper.

    Edit: damn, did I piss off the purists or what? Lol never said this was a bad deal y’all, calm your tits 💔

  10. MrSelfDestructXX

    How many mags is adequate for a pistol? Is 5 enough, is 20 too much?

    This would be a great price to buy in bulk

  11. oakleyman23

    The better deal is the ODG giggle sticks (33rd) for $27.99. That’s the lowest I’ve seen on the oem 33rd in a while, regardless of color.

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