[Magazines] Csspecs Saiga 12 gauge 10 round steel magazine $53 + s

[Magazines] Csspecs Saiga 12 gauge 10 round steel magazine $53 + s


[Magazines] Csspecs Saiga 12 gauge 10 round steel magazine $53 + s

10 reviews for [Magazines] Csspecs Saiga 12 gauge 10 round steel magazine $53 + s

  1. WeededDragon1

  2. baijiu5000

    Just for context, Kvar has 8rnd izzy mags in stock for 130. These are arguable the same if not better quality for under half the cost.

  3. Bigwetdream77

    I purchased two 10 round mags from Csspecs for my Lynx 12 (3 gun version) and had a lot of FTFs, I would say 30% fail to feed rate with Csspecs. It could have something to do with me using mostly 3″ shells, but my other two SGM Tactical 10 round mags have performed almost flawlessly. After about 400 rounds, I had less than 4% fail rates with SGM for my Lynx, that’s damn impressive for a mag fed shotgun IMO. SGM mags are made of polymer, but they are thick compare to others(like SDS OEM) and less expensive than steel mags.

  4. SwimmingJunky

    Just bought a Lynx-12. Haven’t looked into mags or drums yet. This a good deal for a 10 rounder? What’s the best mag size-to-price? An 8 rounder? 10? 12? A 20 round drum?

  5. jaykaypeeness

    CSSpecs are the best. I have their mags for my VEPR 12, and thank God for them doing a run of 20 and 30 round VEPR 30.06 mags.

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  7. TrickDunn

    Really dig my 20 round mags for my Savage .22.

    All respect and appreciation for CSSpecs.

  8. 29palms97

    In for 2. Gotta feed the Lynx.

  9. PandaCatGunner

    Who makes a good vepr12 drum and are thier vepr mags good too?

  10. Gonzilla23

    Aye in for two

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