[Magazines] AK-74 5.45 Plum Mags, Tula and Izzy Available, $50 Each

[Magazines] AK-74 5.45 Plum Mags, Tula and Izzy Available, $50 Each


[Magazines] AK-74 5.45 Plum Mags, Tula and Izzy Available, $50 Each

5 reviews for [Magazines] AK-74 5.45 Plum Mags, Tula and Izzy Available, $50 Each

  1. ak_collectors_source

    Hello Gundeals! We just had a big restock of 5.45 magazines. In addition to the plums, we also have the following available:

    * [AK-12 Mags, Excellent and New condition available $145-160 each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/ak-12-magazine/)
    * [5.45 30 round bakelites, Izzy and Tula, VG-EX condition, $65 each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/545-bakelite-magazine/)
    * [5.45 45 round bakelites, various mold symbol options, VG condition, $100-125 each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/bake-rpk-74/)
    * [45 round black RPK-74M mags, NOS condition, $160 each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/45-round-rpk-74m-mag/)
    * [Aluminum Waffles $100-110 Each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/aluminum-waffle-magazine/)
    * [40 rd bakelites $170 each](https://akcollectorssource.com/product/40-round-7-62×39-bakelite-magazine/)

    Thanks for looking!

  2. HevalShizNit

    I always wanted to shit on plums and bakes as unnecessary and expensive….and they still are but also i bought some and god damn they’re so pretty >_>

  3. pt1789

    Got a couple 74 45rd bakes. If I didn’t just buy out whatacountry’s German ones, I’d grab some Russian ones.

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  5. PeachStateSmallArms

    Is this considered a good deal on bakes now a days? I own none, just curious.

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