[Magazines] 20-PACK GERMAN MARKET AC AK47 30RD MAGS, UNDER $5 EACH- $99.99 + SH

[Magazines] 20-PACK GERMAN MARKET AC AK47 30RD MAGS, UNDER $5 EACH- $99.99 + SH


[Magazines] 20-PACK GERMAN MARKET AC AK47 30RD MAGS, UNDER $5 EACH- $99.99 + SH

12 reviews for [Magazines] 20-PACK GERMAN MARKET AC AK47 30RD MAGS, UNDER $5 EACH- $99.99 + SH

  1. Wash357mag

    These mags were made for sales in Germany. Due to new European Union and German weapon laws these mags are no long legal for the public to purchase or own

  2. cykableeat420

    These good?

  3. bigcockondablock

    Unity is nothing compared to brotherhood

  4. bloodvow333

    I got a stendo from them it worked ok I’m new to aks so I haven’t be able to use them since the coof

  5. tanzorbarbarian

    What’s the story on AC Unity? Seems like they came out of nowhere but are going all-in on firearms parts and accessories involving polymer. Handguards, mags, grips, all kinds of stuff.

  6. Dylan5546

    What are these made out of?

  7. Puzzled-Computer158

    I have the 40rd ones, supposed to be made in Bosnia and they’re fine. Haven’t had any trouble.

  8. glamis

    For the price I could not resist. I have other AC unity magazines and they seem to work just fine overall. Don’t think I would take them to a war zone

  9. BradtotheBones

    I feel like I’m losing money by not buying them

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  11. Figdudeton

    Decent range mags, not Bulgarian polymer quality but 1/3 the price at this point. Get a stack of surplus or Bulgy mags first then get some range plinkers.

    100% better than KCI.

  12. brick-master_18

    I love my ac mags while not a go to war mag they’re very good for the price surplus steel is the only way to beat them, they seem pretty tough although I haven’t done a drop test

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