[Magazine]MAGPUL PMAG Gen2 Black – 10 for $87

[Magazine]MAGPUL PMAG Gen2 Black – 10 for $87


[Magazine]MAGPUL PMAG Gen2 Black – 10 for $87

11 reviews for [Magazine]MAGPUL PMAG Gen2 Black – 10 for $87

  1. 18CPR

    Seller is good to go!

  2. opossomSnout

    This place has got some money from me recently. In turn, I got some stuff. Seller GTG.

  3. LucifurMS

    Did anyone else get a call asking to take a survey after placing their order?

  4. jiggle-o

    Damn schuyler, put up a 308 mag bundle offer. 🙂

  5. nickus782

    Thanks, now I impulse bought magazines and a red dot I didn’t need.

  6. iMSoFuxkinqqqHighMen

    Lanbo’s are $8.25 each, so $82.50 for 10 + $10 warehouse shipping for me. Might be cheaper shipped for some.

  7. jl56288

    Where is FDE? 🥲(in CA legal 10/30)

    PS: schuyler is good to go 👍+1

  8. samsungs666

    $8.75 shipping to Oregon for 20. pretty good price imo. shipping for 10 was like $7 and some change.

  9. TheScoutTyper

    This is a good ass deal 🙌🏼

  10. Any-Attorney9612

    Ugh. They look dark blue in the thumbnail and now I really want blue Pmags.

  11. FlashCrashBash

    Why the hell are they still making Gen2 Pmags? Didn’t the Gen 3 come in out like 2012?

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