[Magazine] Smith and Wesson M&P15-.22 25rd Magazine – $26.95

[Magazine] Smith and Wesson M&P15-.22 25rd Magazine – $26.95


[Magazine] Smith and Wesson M&P15-.22 25rd Magazine – $26.95

20 reviews for [Magazine] Smith and Wesson M&P15-.22 25rd Magazine – $26.95

  1. paperkeyboard

    These… exist?

  2. Nosferatu2113


    Probably as close as you’re gonna get

  3. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * Black only
    * Free shipping over $90 *(that’s 4 mags for the math-challenged)*
    * The days of $14 mags are gone. 😭

  4. Daddy__Stovepipe

    Thank you! Grabbed 4, JoeBob is a great retailer. Had to speak to their customer service once about an order and they were incredibly helpful

  5. therealnomayo

    I remember backordering like six 3pks of these for $45ea and a ton of $9-10 pmags back in 2008 when everything went crazy. On the same day, my backorders at like four places all processed and shipped and I found out when I got declined trying to buy my wife and I lunch with my debit card. My wife was not pleased that we had to transfer like $700 from savings to cover my shopping, but I still have a ton of new mags and plenty still in use to this day.

  6. FishGolfBeer

    Thanks OP in for 4 to get the free shipping

    Been looking for these for 8 months

  7. the-roflcopter

    Love me some joe bobs. In for 4. I’ve bought over a grand of stuff from their site and haven’t had a bad experience.

  8. Nosferatu2113

    Sweeeeet, in for 2

  9. jimmythegeek1

    Thanks, OP. I need a few for backups. I’ve been shooting mine at matches to save on ammo costs and with only two mags I risk having a sad, sad day if one goes down.

  10. WashCaps95

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for these forever !

  11. Rebelwithacause73

    Thanks OP, in for 2!

  12. Wentz4MVP

    Thanks OP snagged two earlier at work. Been using the same single magazine for the duration of my time owning one.

    Now to buy the McFaden speed loader next.

  13. stackinbrass

    Seller gtg?

  14. jmcelrone

    why are these suddenly so much more expensive?

  15. jdawwwhg

    Inventory is sold out but they are now back ordering? Ugh… That’ll probably be another 2 years or 20.

    “Availability: This item is currently on order-All inventory that arrived 7/14/2021 has sold out”

  16. NyJosh

    OOS now. Congrats to everyone that got in!

  17. GrandCowboy

    I buy from Lanbo’s @ $17.60 each, but do get slugged bit on shipping…purchased 10 and charged $21 shipping ($2/each for ship) – so $19.60 each to your door

  18. SIGnBCMglocksmysocks

    Dang my order shipped already

  19. DotNetGuy479

    “Availability: This item is currently on order-All inventory that arrived 7/14/2021 has sold out” -Appears to be back-ordered?

  20. bigfoot_76

    If Joebob got these, that means they’ll pop up other places soon. Don’t forget those OOS notifications everywhere bois!

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