[Magazine] Shield Arms S15 Gen 2 $39.99

[Magazine] Shield Arms S15 Gen 2 $39.99


[Magazine] Shield Arms S15 Gen 2 $39.99

19 reviews for [Magazine] Shield Arms S15 Gen 2 $39.99

  1. Own-Package4660

    Truly a saint for posting this 🙏🏻

  2. gebsmith


  3. millencolin43

    Got my dad a bunch of these when he got a 43x, damn good mags. Just remember to change out your mag release to a metal one

  4. frogstomp427

    Mine are prematurely rusting in small spots after just a couple months of carrying. Not very happy with that. Otherwise they’re reliable although now I’m worried about rust on the inside. Thought I would let everyone know.

  5. N0ResultsFound

    Any codes for this site?

  6. KilldozerMarv

    I’ve had failure to feed issues with both gen 1 and gen 2 mags in my 43x mos.

  7. andrewkpt

    Magazine reload go brrr

  8. tacoguns333

    So they’re ambidextrous now? Big w for the left handed gang


    Sweet, been on their waitlist for ages with nothing. Now there’ll probably get here around the time my milled slide gets back. Looks like they don’t have the mag release though, bummer.

  10. mjedmazga

    Ahh yes. Perfection.

  11. edgan

    In for 2.

  12. blatantlyoblivion

    thanks OP, *been* needing some of these.

  13. afreeman25

    In for 3, any known coupons?

  14. ChiefSifu

    Finally! Thank you so much

  15. bigmeaty25

    Snagged a few thanks

  16. OfficialHavik

    How’s the reliability on these? I’ve heard mostly good things, but there are a few reports of spotty reliability here or there.

  17. BrambleVale3

    If you’re here and finding them OOS you can backorder them at Shield Arms, same price (maybe) without tax. Backorder took about 2 weeks for me.

  18. kickeddog

    These mags are not good to go, in my opinion.

  19. H_F_F

    Doing god’s work homie

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