[Magazine] ProMag Saiga 12 10rd Polymer magazine – $19.16 + s&h

[Magazine] ProMag Saiga 12 10rd Polymer magazine – $19.16 + s&h


[Magazine] ProMag Saiga 12 10rd Polymer magazine – $19.16 + s&h

10 reviews for [Magazine] ProMag Saiga 12 10rd Polymer magazine – $19.16 + s&h

  1. RochInfinite







  2. cakan4444

    Fuck promag, buy other mags.


    These are great mags to run for the Saiga if you don’t want dogshit

  3. UgliestCookie

    While these specific mags have run ok for me, overall I’d rather have no-mags than pro-mags. The last ones I got for a pistol don’t drop free unless you remove the slide and tap them out from the top with a hammer.

  4. BerniceFighter

    I’d recommend the SDS Lynx factory mags. Same price but actually reliable

  5. LotionOfMotion

    Thinking of buying a Civet 12 for shits and giggles

  6. Nomad2115

    Css mags or sgm..these are hit or miss after fitting to your SPECIFIC gun.. sincerely an owner of 1 lynx, 2 saiga 12s (one is a 13 inch) and a vepr 12 (same luck with vepr mags)
    I’ve had better luck with flimsy sds mags..

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  8. IGotsDaPooOnMe

    OFFER55555 for free shipping over $49

  9. Detective_Aero

    My 12 rd drum from GAFS has been great for mag dumps after some fitting. Willing to take the gamble on these given how well my drum works in my lynx. As to anyone who is wondering about buying one of the lynx shotties I absolutely love mine and will buy another if the price comes down on them.

  10. Send_It_Linda_308

    Guys, dont buy this shit. For one, the only s-12 promag that is worth a shit is their 12rd drum, mine has been flawless. Second, I picked up some of these OEM IZMASH saiga 12 2rd mags. They are literally OEM 5rd mags that have a limiter in them which just comes right out when you take off the floor plate.they come wrapped in the yellow plastic with a paper certificate as well. Also, they run beautifully.


    20 Bones for a 5rd OEM IZMASH mag that comes w a removable limiter in case you wanna take your saiga bird hunting.

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