[Magazine] Magpul 5.56 MOE PMAG 30rd Case of 100 – $824.68

[Magazine] Magpul 5.56 MOE PMAG 30rd Case of 100 – $824.68


[Magazine] Magpul 5.56 MOE PMAG 30rd Case of 100 – $824.68

9 reviews for [Magazine] Magpul 5.56 MOE PMAG 30rd Case of 100 – $824.68

  1. bjjcripple

    In for 2 fbi inquiries

  2. Makky-Kat

    Solid price per mag, it’s a shame I don’t have 4 or 5 friends to split them with

  3. IdyllicArcadia

    $8.25 a mag

    This is for those of you with the mentality of needing 100+ mags per AR lol

  4. Cocky_McBalls

    Nice, in for 9. Where can I order ammo by the semi?

    Also why is this “not the FBI” person all up in my DM’s?

  5. Sandloon

    Would be a great deal if they were M3s

  6. Peppersteak122

    *Laughing in Taliban* You guys are paying for those?

    Edit: just watched “The Outpost” movie yesterday. How would our leaders answer to those who perished?

  7. IVIenace100

    Solid deal, but quickly found it in stock and much cheaper.

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  9. LTCM_15

    If I pay $900 do you think they could get a new website? God I love them, literally have an order in the mail right now, but their website should only be seen on archive.org

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