[magazine] Glock ETS 31rd $9.99. Flat Ship $7.99

[magazine] Glock ETS 31rd $9.99. Flat Ship $7.99


[magazine] Glock ETS 31rd $9.99. Flat Ship $7.99

13 reviews for [magazine] Glock ETS 31rd $9.99. Flat Ship $7.99

  1. Thomas_peck

    I can only have so many for my 9MM AR.

    But this is a good deal

  2. Rjsmith5

    I have a couple of these I used in my Sub 2000 and my Glock 19. It’s a sample set of 1, but mine have been completely fine.

  3. porkster13

    Got 2 tested em out ran fine. Would use as range mags not for anything else tho. YMMV

  4. weatherbys

    Had one in 10mm that was basically useless and the rounds would literally fall right out of it but had another that worked just fine YMMV.

  5. alphabetstew

    Is this one of the sites that was cancelling ammo orders when prices went up, so they could sell the ammo at a higher price?

  6. andrewrvincent

    Don’t need those…..nope….. don’t need any.
    Just ordered 6…..

  7. chmh7984

    You’ll get mixed reviews, I’ve had zero issues with any of mine.

  8. Direct-Ad-7330

    do these work in the sylvan arms glock adapter?

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  10. Internetguy1000

    Crazy how 33 round mags are 40 bucks but 30 rounds are 10

  11. crystal-rooster

    Don’t need the long bois but how are ETS mags? Decent, trash, or what?

  12. JustTheTipp_

    Ran some ETS mags on my AR and they wouldn’t seat, gave them all to my buddy. YMMV. I was running a AP lower and my buddy had an M&P Sport. Haven’t had faith in them since

  13. TheChance916

    Good for EP9?!

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