[Magazine] DURAMAG SPEED 30RD ALUMINUM 5.56/.223 MAGAZINES – PINK TEFLON – $8.95 + shipping

[Magazine] DURAMAG SPEED 30RD ALUMINUM 5.56/.223 MAGAZINES – PINK TEFLON – $8.95 + shipping


[Magazine] DURAMAG SPEED 30RD ALUMINUM 5.56/.223 MAGAZINES – PINK TEFLON – $8.95 + shipping

19 reviews for [Magazine] DURAMAG SPEED 30RD ALUMINUM 5.56/.223 MAGAZINES – PINK TEFLON – $8.95 + shipping

  1. bjjcripple

    Alright weebs, get your waifu stickers out. this is not a drill

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    The shipping was $8.35 for me for 10 mags

    Can’t have mags walk away at the range when they’re so darn bright

  3. EverydayPyrobits

    Did you add “?penis” to the end of the link? I’m confused but not surprised.

  4. kayl_breinhar

    These’d be *faaaabulous* for the people who bought that Rose Gold Ruger the other day.

  5. Greek_Prodigy

    In for one of every Infinity Stone color. Boutta make me an Infinity Chest Rig

  6. DudelyMcDuderson

    Not gonna lie, this bubblegum pink is gonna become my #1 range mag soon as it arrives

  7. edwardphonehands

    I need pink 308.

  8. Be_swift

    God I wish these could ship to California, got the perfect waifu stickers ready to go.

  9. briefbriefs

    Was about to buy when I saw reviews that these are more pale red than actual pink. It normally wouldn’t matter but my wife’s only stipulation on letting me get her into guns is that her gear has to be pink. Like PINK PINK. And I respect that.

  10. Tytar


    In for **48**

    Anyone know of a coupon code?

  11. duckbombz

    I want sum a them Bazooka Green or Bronze ones again. I missed out last time.


    Are these quality mags?

  13. The_LA_Wanderer

    These will pair well with that 20k AR posted last week 🔥

  14. Voaabq

    If I only had a labia shaped magwell adapter, might have to dremel a fleshlight for this mag to fit right.

  15. drwa236

    Fuck it in for 5 for the females kit

  16. Jerptrod

    Nothing a can of spraypaint can’t fix.

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  18. unknown_name

    Man, I paid like $25 per magazine at a gun show lol.

  19. TJhambone09


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