[Magazine] D&H gray 5.56 30 rounders $7.99. Possibly free shipping.

[Magazine] D&H gray 5.56 30 rounders $7.99. Possibly free shipping.


[Magazine] D&H gray 5.56 30 rounders $7.99. Possibly free shipping.

6 reviews for [Magazine] D&H gray 5.56 30 rounders $7.99. Possibly free shipping.

  1. ChunkyBrassMonkey


  2. Doc891

    yeah, as soon as i logged in it went from $0 to $9.99 flat rate, with no other options. Basically made it $10 per mag, basically making it an average price for these. Not a fan of that switch

  3. FirmMechanic

    FWIW, I’ve got an account and I’m seeing a flat $9.99 shipping.

  4. OffensivelyAmerican

    So, most of my mags (20 ish of these) are from like 2015 or 2016 but I’ve never had an issue with these. Not sure of round counts on individual mags but I’ve ran through about 8000 rounds of various types of 2.23/5.56 in these. I only have one that had some issues because the feed lip was bent a little bit, but I bent it back and it seemed to work with no issues after that.

    I do like other magazines more but they tend to be like double the price (Lancers, Daniel Defense mags).

    Also one advantage of GI style mags like this is that they work in other non AR platform rifles that may not work on Magpul mags.

  5. possum_drugs

    imo spend the extra few bucks on OKAY SureFeeds if you want metal mags, i cant get these to seat on a closed bolt without a ton of force. they do seem to be reliable past that.

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