[Magazine] CMMG AR15 22LR 10Rnd Mag, $13.29 (Bear Creek Arsenal)

[Magazine] CMMG AR15 22LR 10Rnd Mag, $13.29 (Bear Creek Arsenal)


[Magazine] CMMG AR15 22LR 10Rnd Mag, $13.29 (Bear Creek Arsenal)

10 reviews for [Magazine] CMMG AR15 22LR 10Rnd Mag, $13.29 (Bear Creek Arsenal)

  1. A1_Jelly_Roll

    These can be modified to fit 25 rounds as well. All you have to do is disassemble and remove a pin

  2. Doom-Trooper

    Our time has finally come my fellow ban state friends. Free shipping and no tax to CA. New accounts get additional 10% off with code MCNEW10. $11.96 per mag to your door!

  3. superkuper

    I ordered two mags in the last BCA sale and they packaged them so poorly that only one made it to me. Still dealing with the claim.

  4. Poultrylord12

    Free shipping and no tax, you got me boss! In for 3, although I’m sure I’ll regret not getting more

  5. Fantastic_Angle_699

    Awesome deal with free shipping

  6. HymenMangler

    Bought a kit with the bolt and 3 25 rnd mags for $175 plus $12 for shipping. Probably overpaid no doubt but no tax makes me feel a little better. They had the 10 rnd version for same price.

  7. Go_For_Broke442

    s&w mags have a better reputation than the cmmg ones, no? or did they improve the design?

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  9. teseract666

    If I buy this do you think they’ll finally respond to my warranty request over a threaded Glock barrel that no thread protector known to man will screw on to?

  10. LIBERALSsuckPP1234

    $10 or no fuc

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