[magazine] ATI Schmeisser 60 round polymer AR 5.56 $34.99

[magazine] ATI Schmeisser 60 round polymer AR 5.56 $34.99


[magazine] ATI Schmeisser 60 round polymer AR 5.56 $34.99

7 reviews for [magazine] ATI Schmeisser 60 round polymer AR 5.56 $34.99

  1. specious_foofaraw

    I’ve had one for over a year. It’s been kept loaded except when it gets emptied at the range. Zero problems for me.

    I don’t shoot steel cased ammo, so I couldn’t say how well it does with that, but with M193 and with various heavier 5.56 it’s been flawless.

    They do say it’s 5.56 only. No .300 or anything else.

    Just about impossible to lock in if bolt is closed and 60 rounds loaded. I load 58.

  2. GoldenWebb_Youtube

    Are these reliable or worth anything? They’ve fell in price heavily since they first released which makes me thing otherwise

  3. Sbeast86

    I’ve got one. Zero complaints except it’s a bitch to load

  4. kayl_breinhar

    It actually makes sense to buy *two* because of the $9.99 flat rate shipping. It’s like paying $4.99 for each mag instead of $9.99 for one! 😛

  5. GunLovinFunLovinGuy

    40 round magpuls or 60 round magpul d-60 drums only. Otherwise, 30 rounders only.

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  7. dionyszenji


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