[Magazine] AR15 10rd 9mm Colt Pattern (Blem) – $9.99

[Magazine] AR15 10rd 9mm Colt Pattern (Blem) – $9.99


[Magazine] AR15 10rd 9mm Colt Pattern (Blem) – $9.99

5 reviews for [Magazine] AR15 10rd 9mm Colt Pattern (Blem) – $9.99

  1. Fat_262

    What in tarnation?

  2. ck-dg

    Any idea of a restock on the 32s?

  3. brickcabin

    what is this, a magazine for ants?

  4. theDeadliestSnatch


    Will these have the cutout for the mag catch too low, like my non Blem 32rd mags do. They’re 0.025″ lower than my Metalform Mags and don’t lock into my lower with the bolt closed because of it.

  5. bravofiveniner

    Anything under their 32 round mags aren’t usable.

    I have 4 of the 32 and 4 of the 20. For the past year I’ve used a Black Dirt Rifleworks colt adapter with a CMMG rdb barrel/bolt. 32’s sit just fine and work like a dream.

    The 20’s when loaded with rounds will not click into the mag release. No matter how hard you slap the bottom. I’ve never tested this with a non CMMG bolt.

    I just got an 80% SMF tactical colt lower and I haven’t tested it yet. So maybe it was the result of the adapter I was using. But I recommend keeping with the 32s.

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