[Magazine] Amend2 30rd AR15 Magazine – Mod2- Black $7.99

[Magazine] Amend2 30rd AR15 Magazine – Mod2- Black $7.99


[Magazine] Amend2 30rd AR15 Magazine – Mod2- Black $7.99

7 reviews for [Magazine] Amend2 30rd AR15 Magazine – Mod2- Black $7.99

  1. NotoriousDVA

    Will they come out with Amend3 mags so we can supply any troops quartered in our houses? And Amend4 mags that can’t be seized by the AFT without a warrant?

  2. TooEZ_OL56

    Get PMAGS for barely more than this

  3. QWERTYBoogaloo

    Are these made in the US?

  4. WAAAAAM39

    Anybody ever used Amend2 mags? I bought a couple Glock 34 rounders to use in my 9mm AR build but I’ve heard mixed reviews

  5. whoNeedsPavedRoads

    Can vouch for these guys.

    Made in Idaho and 30 rounds loaded goes in a closed bolt AR with ease

  6. Shadow_beats

    It should be of note that these mags have been inconsistent with their tolerances- I bought a ton of these over the last 3 years when I can find deals like this or even cheaper and ran them all with various types of ammo. I found that there were several that wouldnt fit in my lower correctly both by being too small and some being swelled and were not pleasant to load into the magwell. I very rarely had any of them give any FTF or double feeds which was really common with my tapco mags and shit tier polymer mags, these are great for the range- buy em cheap and stack em deep and you dont have to worry about the salt and scuffs you put on them since theyre so replaceable. Moral of the story do yourself a favor and buy proven quality mags for self preservation and use these as a training tool to save yourself some potential heartache

  7. Mackie85_

    These are shit. Just buy pmags

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